Saturday, April 19, 2014

Local Neighborhood Democrat Volunteer

Local neighborhood Democratic volunteer - don't I look official?

I did it!  I contacted my first neighbor this morning and introduced myself as a volunteer for the local Democratic party. 

Yes I did, I stuck my toe in the water and it wasn't freezing.  Analogies, cliches, etc.  

Ever since I was contacted and "volunteered" by my local Democratic candidate for the Delaware House of Representatives, I've been dreading taking this first step.  


Granted, I'm not asking for money, or selling magazine subscriptions and God knows I'm one of those masochistic Jehovah Witnesses who take and endure rejection as their ticket to Heaven. But still……I.HATE.TO.SOLICIT.  I prefer to have people come to me.  Why else do you think I'm comfortable in my part-time job as a front desk agent at the hotel?  Folks come to me.  I'm in control.  When I'm knocking at someone else's door, stranger that I am and they don't know who the hell I am, I'm putting them in control, not my think folks.

Oh sure, I've knocked on strangers' doors before.  When I was selling newspaper subscriptions when I was a 10 year old newspaper boy.  I also sold magazine subscriptions as a 16 year old high school senior.  That was bad enough.  Actually, I was quite successful at those earlier efforts.  I attribute that to my youthful, angelic and innocent appearance.  Hey, I'm still a nice guy but these days that youthful appearance has LONG GONE.  I'm the old codger.  The creepy guy who lives alone down the lane.  

My target audience aren't total strangers.  They're my neighbors, registered Democrat.  My first goal is just to introduce myself and tell my neighbors "to let you know that the party (Democrat) is active in this district, and we're hoping to elect more Democrats in the off-cycle election next November.  If you have any questions or concerns in the coming year, please feel free to contact me" and then I give them my card.

So, this morning, before I got ready to go to work this afternoon (yes Virginia, I'm working at the hotel this week today and tomorrow thus putting a crimp on ambushing my unsuspecting vulnerable Democrat registered neighbors this Easter weekend as they work in their yards) I pin on my Democratic and ID badge on my shirt and took off to Oyster Rocks, the neighborhood adjoining my neighborhood.  I already knew slightly one woman, a real estate agent, who was on my list.  I got my clipboard, and script (hope I could remember my lines) and put my walking sneakers on and headed out.

As I approached her address on Oyster Shell Drive (what an unusual name for a street in Oyster Rocks, huh?) I see her husband working out the yard.  Her storm door is open.  Their garage door is open, full of boxes that looked like they just moved in.  I approach the door and knock confidently, gearing myself for the approach of a woman with a annoyed expression on her face that says "Who are you and why are you bothering me?"  I see a pleasant looking middle aged woman round the corner with a …….smile on her face.  She opens the door.  I introduce myself without fumbling my words (I'm usually good in stressful situations) and ask "Does Joyce P. live her?"  For you see, this wasn't the woman I knew.  She said "No, she moved.  We're the new owners."  

The lady's house I was at this morning - very nice lady - THANK YOU! I am emboldened now.

Uh….okay.  Strike out?  Well, maybe not.  I asked her if she was a Democrat.  She said "I'm registered (didn't tell me party affiliation) but I don't get involved in politics."  

She's still smiling (and I hear her husband behind me doing something in the yard, perhaps getting a shovel just in case I am that Creepy Old Codger).

 Since I'm a naturally gregarious person I continued to talk to her, this time about the neighborhood and Delaware.  For about ten minutes, standing in her doorway, we had a pleasant conversation.  I told her that she'll see me more often because I take my exercise walk in her neighborhood.  She told me she was looking forward to living in Delaware and Oyster Rocks.  We talked about jobs (she's retired) and she said he will eventually like to look for something in the IT field.  I knew an IT and suggested that I could send her his contact.  She liked that.  I gave her my card, we shook hand, smiles still intact and I left returning home which I am now writing about my experience.

Well folks, I am so glad I broke the ice (more cliches)!

Time for lunch, nap and then work at the hotel.  This is Easter weekend and I'm playing the Easter Bunny by tiptoeing around the hotel corridors late tonight leaving Easter baskets for the guests' Little Darlings (don't ask me, it's the owner's thing).  

Happy Easter everyone!


Amanda said...

I think that, in general, people are nice so don't be too scared to knock on doors. Happy Easter to you and Bill, and all your followers!

Anonymous said...

Glad your toe dipping went well! And you made a new friend.

Have fun creeping around the hotel late at night!

Peace <3

Ur-spo said...

Sooner I'd eat rats in Tewksbury than be a door to door 'anything'

Ron said...

Thank you Nadege. The same to you.


Ron said...

All quiet here tonight. That's just the way I like it.

pat888 said...

Frankly, Ron, I think you are just going to end up with a bunch of new friends/acquaintances.


Travel said...

I hope you had a big bunny suit to wear for your deliveries.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
I hate being volunteered for anything and I especially hate going door to door anything. Yet it happens. As a previous commenter said, you must be a glutton for punishment. I fear I am.

Ron said...

Perhaps Pat, perhaps.


Ron said...

Now that's a good idea!