Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Random Musings on a Spring Evening

Ironing shirts last night

Earlier today I posted a rather detailed report of why I thought one of my brothers unfriended me on Facebook.  Today is his birthday and I went on Facebook to send him a birthday message and he was GONE.  I did some checking and it seems that indeed I was unfriended.  Oh well, someone else who doesn't like me because I don't bend to his will.  So be it.  

Briefly, the reason is because I refuse to live a "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" personal life.  Yes, it is as simple as that.  Both of my brothers and their families are very conservative, Faux News conservative.  I'm all right as long as I don't throw "it" (the fact that I'm gay) "in their face".  

But if I chose to live my life openly, well, that makes them uncomfortable.  My previous post, which I took down listed the whole history that led up to this situation today.  I decided to take it down lest I throw more gasoline onto the fire.  Enough said of this sad situation.

I'm very pleased with my spring flower show this year.  So many daffodils and other spring glories.  I took a video (see my previous blog posting) which I will use as reference to fill in the empty spots for next year.  Each year, better and better.

Bill checking out the new plantings

I think that wound on my leg where a biopsy was taken last January is healing.  I said "I think" because while I was transplanting some pansies this afternoon I accidentally hit it and the pain shot right through my like an electric shock.  I'll give it another week and if it isn't better then I'll go back to my doctor.  Hey folks, this has been gone on since January.  We may be getting into territory that I'm not comfortable with but I may have to confront.  

Bill and I just got back from a ride around the neighborhood and our adjoining neighborhoods.  After a five to six year hiatus, building has taken off.  It's interesting to see all the new houses going up.  I hope soon to see my friend Pat start to build his house.  I know it will be stylish, unique and like no other in this area.  He has some details to work out about his dual citizenship though first.  May take a while. It's easy for us to go to Canada but not so easy the other way around.  

I'm enjoying watching the Republicans tie themselves into a knot over their frustration that the Affordable Care Act (aka "Obama Care") is successful.  Now their next goal is to suppress the vote in the next election so they can take over the Senate and repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Of course they still have that one itsy bitsy teeny weeny problem that Obama is still president and will veto any asinine repeal they pass.  Always interesting that the Republicans are agains anything that helps the common man like Social Security, Medicare, minimum wage, equal pay for women, et al.  They used to scare their base with the threat of The Gays.  They can't use that as a wedge issue anymore because so many of them ARE GAY or have gay family members.  So on to the next BIG LIE.  Sorry for the political rant but sometimes I have to vent.

It's back to work tomorrow for my regular shift.  Occupancy is picking up at the Inn.  Not so bad now because the kiddies are still in school but wait until summer, then the hotel fills up…..fast.  

Riding around this evening it was refreshing to feel that we're finally out of this long, long winter.  Even though things are going to get crazy around here, I still prefer the next six months over the past six months.  Don't you?

And by the way, why do I need these many shirts?

Just some of my many shirts - what's the matter with me anyway?  


anne marie in philly said...

there's a rainbow in your closet! and the hell with your brothers and their h8.

Anonymous said...

I get unfriended on a regular basis. My Facebook is so gay these days that it's hard to believe that anyone could not know about me. That's probably why they unfriend me! Sometimes I can't figure out who left, just that the number has changed. I don't care.

You do have a lot of shirts! And the yard is beautiful!

Peace <3

nitewrit said...


If that wound doesn't heal up soon you might want to consider a different doctor. Anyway, as you saw on Facebook, my doctor visit today went well. Things are going in the right direction, increasing the time between doctor visits and decreasing the number of blood tests. All my blood work came out just fine and even the one they kept hounding me about went down. Of course after I came home two cats were lying in my lap and one decided it wanted the space to itself and they got into a fight. I told them I was already circumcised and didn't need any more cut off. Left two wounds down my upper right thigh though.

Collared long-sleeved shirts? I think I own three. I think I've worn one of them in the past year.


Ron said...

Anne Marie,
Again I agree with you 100%!

Ron said...

I get unfriended on Facebook for one reason and one reason only, because I'm gay and make no apologizes about it. So be it.

I have way too many shirts and yet I continue to buy more. There must be a name for this condition. And I love my backyard too. It is one of my main solaces.

Ron said...

My thoughts exactly. Time to see a new doctor if this doesn't heal up. They screwed up and left some of the stitches in and then did a quickie job to cover up their mistake without even taking into consideration the pain and discomfort it was causing me. I just couldn't believe what was going on in that office. Yet another instance of good natured Ron being taken for granted. Story of my life.

Be careful with those cat fights. You also could get an infection "there" too. And you don't want THAT.

I wear a couple of those shirts to work but that's it. I used most of the shirts when I had a full-time job at the bank but that's history now but I still find I have a hard time parting with shirts that now cost $50 per.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure, since I post no political nonsense, but plenty of LGBT Romance book reviews, and I have almost as many gay friends as straight ones...so yeah, what you said!

Shirt-a-holic!!! That's what it's called! I think I have 5 shirts. Well, maybe a few more, but based on style and color, not many more. Same for pants. Clothes bore me. I wear them because I have to.

Peace <3

Jack said...

First of all I agree with everyone else concerning your brothers. Sometimes you just have to look forward and not look back. Too bad they can't realize that you are the same Ron you were when you were all growing up. Some day they will realize the loss. (Maybe).
Keep a close check on that wound. Infection can set in quickly. What is it about the shirts? I have the same problem. Shirts I cannot even button up and I am sure some deserving person could use still hang in my closet. I stopped working and wearing those shirts in 2006.

Jon said...

Wow, I haven't seen an ironing board since I was ten years old - - and that was ten years ago........actually, I'm bullshitting. It was more like 110 years ago (*smile*).

It's really a shame that your brother is so threatened by your sexuality that he'd actually "unfriend" you on Facebook! How low can he be??
As I previously said, I think a lot of people are trying to shove you back into the closet.

I noticed that I got VERY few hits & comments on my present blog post about my life in gay Hollywood. It has been politely ignored - - even though I edited it and removed the raunchy stuff. If I ever revealed everything about my sordid past, the only one who'd remain friends with me would be you. I'd love to be more open & graphic in my blog and tell all - - but most of my readers are middle-aged farm ladies who've never been more than 50 miles from the homestead, and also some of my relatives read my blog.

I love your rainbow of colored pastel shirts. It reminds me of Jay Gatsby's closet........

Travel said...

One can never have too many shirts or flowers. I don't pay a lot of attention to who is on FB or not. I have dropped a couple of people because I tired of their political rhetoric.

Amanda said...

How many real friends do we really have on Facebook? Most of my 700 + "friends" are acquaintances. Unless someone sends me a friend request, I don't ask anybody anymore. It got out of control and life is too short to care about someone's trivial opinion. I don't have that much time to go on Facebook anyway and I probably don't even know if someone deleted me or not. Life goes on with or without them anyway. Don't wait too long to have your knee checked out. It doesn't sound right to me.

Bob said...

First off:
Lovelovelove annemarie's comment. Perfection.

Secondly, we don't get to pick our family, we're stuck with them, good or bad. But, we no longer have to endure the bad, we can create our own families out of those we love and those that love us, and anyone who doesn't want to play can keep on moving.
If your brother wants to "un-friend" you on Facebook because your openly gay, THAT'S his issue, and too f**king bad for him.
I say to him, 'Wallow in hate though it won't keep you warm.'

Ron said...

I've never forgotten what a distant relative of mine who I met through genealogy research said "You can pick your nose but you can't pick your relatives." Ironically, he was also homophobic and frequently sent me homophobic jokes (and racists ones too) but I never confronted him about it because he was a wealth of knowledge in family history. For too many years I've looked the other way with homophobia in my own family but at this time of my life I've decided to let them go. Whatever quality years I have left I will concentrate on the positive and leave the negative behind.

Ron said...

"How many real friends do we really have on Facebook?" Not many actually. I think I can count my real friends on two hands, or maybe a toe or two. I occasionally receive friend requests from people I have no idea who they are, I always decline those requests. Again I agree with you 100% Nadege "life is too short to care about someone's trivial opinion." That's a decision I've made. At 72 years old, I don't have that many quality years left and I've made the decision that I'm not going to waste any more time on people who don't like me for one reason or another or who feel the need to change me to fit their opinion of who I should be.
I'm giving this skin wound near my knee a another week then I think I'll go to another doctor. Thanks for your comments. Always appreciated Nadege. By the way, another reason I like Pat so much, he brings out the best in me. He never brings me down.

Ron said...

"One can never have too may shirts or flowers", exactly my sentiments! The only people I've dropped from my Facebook friends have also been those who felt the need to indoctrinate me with their political rants, which is always conservative right wing lies and distortions. Once any of my Facebook "friends" go down that road, they're history to me. I don't need it and won't take it.

Ron said...

I understand you so well! I too have a significant following of very nice middle aged women. I don't understand it but I appreciate them but I do have to be careful with putting too much detail in my past adventures (i.e., sordid past). While I'm sure my florid descriptions would make for good reading I dare not publish the details.
I've been ironing my shirts since I was ten years old and I complained about how my Mother ironed my shirt collars (open). She said "If you don't like the way I iron your shirt you iron them" and I have been ironing my shirts ever since!
It is a shame about my brother unfriending me on Facebook and my other brother who hasn't contacted me in over six months. He's the one who is a Bob Jones University trained pastor. I suspect since I publicized my marriage, he and his family is very embarrassed because of their older brother's same sex marriage. I wish them well but they're not going to bring me down.
I love colored shirts Jon. I remember the first time I wore a colored shirt (light blue) at my banking job in the Sixties it was quite a controversy. Bill likes a lot of color too. This is one thing on which we agree.