Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Binge Watching

Six Feet Under "family"

Lately I've gotten into the habit of bing watching.  I bing watch TV series from Netflix.

Breaking Bad "family" - only watched a few episodes but will immerse myself fully soon

About a year ago I watched all the episodes of "Six Feet Under."  Sure, I was about ten years behind the times but oh how I enjoyed watching that series.

Six Feet Under - brothers

Next up was "The Mad Men."  I particularly liked this series because it was about an era, the Sixties, of which I was well acquainted.  Whoever writes that series know of the time they write about.  How well I remember all the smoking, misogyny, and office politics.  And I love seeing the Sixties period furniture.

The Mad Men "family

Now I'm watching "The Good Wife."  I never got into "Perry Mason" or "Law and Order" but I have to say I am riveted by "TGW."  It's not so much about the legalese, although that is interesting, but I think my interest is that I feel part of "the family."  Yes, when I turn the lights out in my bedroom, which my friend Pat calls "The Tipton Cinema", and my 60" in Samsung TV screen comes to life with visual images of the Diane, Will, Alicia, Kerry and Kalinda; I feel like I'm reunited with the ongoing saga of my family or any family in this world.  

The Good Wife "family"

Much of my attraction for "TGW" is how well written it is.  Also, the producers of this show have the brilliance to bring in actors who are past their prime (Gary Coe, Judd Hirsch, Michael J. Fox) and give them a whole new lease on their acting life.  In this age when movie and TV producers limit their choice of actors to a few market tested actors, it is refreshing to enjoy the many varied acting talents of old faces as well as new faces.

New face on "TGW" - I don't know who this actor is but he's good as Kalinda's violent hubby

Last night I finished watching season four of "TGW" and now am going into withdrawal.  Next up is a series that I've heard much about, the "House of Cards." I love Kevin Spacey.  

Kevin Spacey - love you man!

So today I'll return my Netflix dvd for "TGW" and   (hopefully) have my new dvd's in time for this weekend when I can again enter the private and very comfortable world of the "Tipton Cinema" that is my bedroom.  I'll leave my worldly woes behind and join my new "family."  

Oh my, we've come a long way haven't we folks?


Karen said...

You can watch Netflix on line. Can you hook your computer to your 60" tv?

pat888 said...

Ron - tho I haven't had a set for years I would often hear complaints about the state of tv. And at the same time I would hear accolades heaped on numerous series - Sopranos etc.. An interesting mix of opinions. But I'm with you on the series. I really enjoy watching The Good Wife on Netflix. But I am still experiencing heavy withdrawal since the end of Breaking Bad. I believe hat show had a similar effect on the audience as that of the meth they were supplying to clients in the series. It was the most engaging drama I've witnessed in my life. It brings me back to earlier years when I made a point of watching a favourite show as tv was much more limited then. So I would make sure I saw The Avengers, Man from U.N.C.L.E., Danger Man etc. Also - I used to really enjoy Perry Mason which wasn't really the court room drama we have now. But as a youngster alone in the house - Perry Mason theme music used to scare me.

Anonymous said...

I do this occasionally. I now have an Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Prime so I have been binge watching all sorts of stuff. Right now it's Under the Dome. LOTS of eye candy in this one!

Peace <3

David Jeffreys said...

I think you will really enjoy House of Cards. Kevin Spacey was incredible in season one. Can't wait to see season two.

wcs said...

I liked TGW, too. Some of it was broadcast here, and Ken downloads the latest episodes when they become available. What I like most about it is the courtroom drama. I think it was really strong in the early seasons, then took a back seat to the "soap opera" plot in later seasons. Oh well, it's still fun!