Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What Money Can't Buy

Donald Sterling Tokowitz court side at an LA Lakers game with his granddaughter  girlfriend - notice the permanent smirk on Tokowitz's face

Respect.  That's what money can't buy.  You can have millions and even billions of dollars but you can't buy respect.  Awful people like the now outed racist Donald Tokowitz Sterling may have convinced himself that his 1.9 billion dollar fortune brought him respect, especially when he "contributes" a few dollars to the local LA NAACP so they can present him with a lifetime achievement award, which just goes to show you how phony baloney those "lifetime achievement" awards are - they usually go to who gives the most money. Either that or they're popularity awards for members of the same "in" group but that's a subject for a another blog.

Yesterday the National Basketball Association's commissioner, Adam Stern, banned the odious, racist Donald Sterling (I hate using his fake last name, his real last name is Tokowitz) for life from the professional basketball.  He also fined him the maximum fine of 2.5 million dollars which is hardly a drop in the bucket of Sterling's (real name Tokowitz) 1.9 billion dollar ill gotten (he's a slum lord who sues at the drop of a hat) fortune.  Also he's been ordered to sell his team (which he is refusing to do, wait for it……he's suing!) The irony in Sterling (real name Tokowitz) in selling his team is that the LA Clippers are probably work upwards of one billion dollars.

Mrs. Tokowitz Sterling who Donald Tokowitz Sterling will now run the team, Jabba the Hut ain't giving up that easy

But you know what folks?  No matter how much this cretin (and comparing Sterling - real name Tokowitz with cretins gives cretins a bad name) ends up with he won't have respect. Sure, he's got more than enough money to get a blow job for whatever pretty damsel he chooses.  And he has more than enough money to have hordes of toadies bowing down to him.  But he will never have the respect which I suspect he desperately wants.  Now I could be wrong and this vile human being could be devoid totally of human characteristics that we take for granted, but I do believe that Sterling (real name Tokowitz) craves respect.  And that folks is the ultimate punishment for this man.  At 81 years of age he probably doesn't have a lot of time left on this planet to foul the air with his presence but what years he does left, he is a pariah.  

Donald Tokowitz Sterling - NAACP (LA chapter) Lifetime Achievment Award designee (since withdrawn)

I probably should feel this sense of satisfaction that Sterling (real name Tokowitz) is getting his just desserts, no matter how long delayed but I do. We all know people like Sterling.  People who view and treat others as "less than" just because they are different than they are.  Whether those other "different" people are gay, overweight, a different nationality, handicapped, or different religion.  There are people in this world who make it their life goal to obtain vast amounts of wealth just to have power over others.  Then they discriminate against those who aren't venal like they are, thus affecting their lives.  But every now and then one of these human flotsams is brought down and there does seem to be some justice in this world, however rare and temporary.  

Donald Tokowitz Sterling with wife - maybe he can go into timeshares now that he doesn't have an NBA basketball team to make more millions for him and wifey poo


Amanda said...

Money cannot buy you class. He really is a disgrace and I wonder how many of the top 1 % feel like him. I bet he is not in the minority.

Jack said...

Please, please, please. One picture of the oily racist pig is enough, my eyes are smarting and my nose is running. That's all I have to say about that, you said it all for me.

Ron said...

The thing is Nadege that most if not all of the owners already knew what kind of person this man was. And they let it go. That is the scandal.


Ron said...

You are funny! I was only going to put one picture of this……person. In this case the "cover" describes exactly what is in the book. Donald Sterling looks exactly like what he is, a racist pig as you say and even calling him a pig is insulting to pigs.

Jon said...

Hell, I knew Sterling was a sleazball YEARS ago, and the dim-witted media has only just found out. Well, better late than never.
It never fails to amaze me that so many low-class assholes are blessed with infinite amounts of wealth and power. It's about time somebody knocks that stupid smirk off his face!

By the way, his wife sure doesn't look happy. It would take a forklift to force her downturned mouth into a smile.

anne marie in philly said...

disgusting MoFo. may he drop dead of a heart attack tomorrow.

Ur-spo said...

I wonder how much wrath and vitriol are aimed at him/his women because of his weight and looks; it doesn't help his women-folk look to have had 'work'.

Unknown said...

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