Friday, April 11, 2014

BJ's and Other Observations

If it's Friday it's time for BJ's.  Of course I assume you all know I'm referring to the club discount shopping store.  What else in the world would you think I meant? (smile)

Usually every Friday we make our weekly excursion to BJ's Wholesale store in Millsboro.  That's about a fifteen mile drive one way.  It's worth it folks.  BJ's is the only place I can get a decent sized container of hummus. I have a hummus wrap sprinkled with feta cheese for lunch every day.  It is also the place where I can get my Panera loaded potato soup.  YUM!  I also get Taboule salad.  

My "staples"

The local supermarkets around here either don't stock these delicious items or if they do, they're in teensy, weeny packages (the hummus) and they still charge about the same ($3.99).  I opt to bypass the local supermarkets anytime I can and buy in bulk.  Yes, bigger is better especially when I'm stocking up on toilet paper.  

Today they're having a tulip festival in Lewes. Beautiful day for a tulip festival, shame they don't have that many tulips.  For you see folks, this has been a rather brutal winter and the tulips have decided to make a delayed entry.  But I'm glad to say my tulips have already started to arrive.

My first tulip this year

Beautiful day today, perfect for tiptoeing through the tulips…….in Lewes.  I heard they ordered thousands of "emergency" tulips to plant lest there were no tulips to tiptoe through today at the Tulip Festival.  

Lewes in Bloom (well, not quite yet) 

Boy did I dodge a bullet this year! Folks, did you know I had originally planned to have the 2014 Bloggerpalooza this weekend?  Can you believe it?  Oh sure,the weather is perfect, and I wouldn't have had to arrange a special opening of Old Time Photo in Rehoboth because they would have been open for the season this weekend (like last weekend).  But you remember folks, I changed the date in order to take advantage of the lower hotel rates in March?  There was some rumbling and disruption of plans by changing the date but folks, I'm telling you…..we could not have had the Bloggerpalooza event this weekend.  NO WAY, NO HOW.  First, the hotel is almost full and secondly, I don't think our silliness would have went down too well with other guests in the hotel. In fact, I have a feeling our silliness didn't go down to well even in March which is just another reason not to have any more blogger events at this location.  I got those vibes pretty strong during and after the event.  Thank goodness I didn't stick with my original date.  I can just imagine what kind of vibes I would have gotten NOW.  

Bloggerpalooza 2014

But we did have fun didn't we folks?  Maybe sometime, someplace next year.  Let's hope so.

Dr. Spo (Arizona), Randy (Nebraska) and Pat (Toronto, Canada) being silly (and having fun) at the 2014 Bloggerpalooza

Time for lunch and a nap now.  Very sunny outside right now and actually a bit too warm.  I think the temperature is going up to 72 degrees.  A regular heat wave after this never ending COLD winter.  

If the weather is as wonderful where you are as it is here, get outside and take advantage!  And do something silly.  Who cares what anyone else thinks?  Enjoy yourself.  Just remember, it's alright as long as your "enjoyment" is between consenting adults and you're not hurting anyone else.  Who cares what the snobs think?  Are they having a good time like we had?  I think not.

Dr. Spo's new tie
Tim and Larry compare lengths
Java, Warrior Queen
Doug - seductive

Me and Pat


anne marie in philly said...

"I have a feeling our silliness didn't go down to well even in March" - from whom, the hotel? WE paid the money, WE had fun.

nitewrit said...


Really? As parties go, the Bloggerpalooza was fairly sedate. It wasn't overly loud, no blaring rock music. There was no drunkenness, no fights, no running up and down halls, no damage to anything. I've been to church events that were rowdier. I think you stuffed-shirt, effete snob of an owner wants the peoples money - he just doesn't want the people.

I don't think Lo and I will be staying at his over-hyped, overpriced hovel anymore.


Ron said...

It's a moot point anyway. I won't be running any more Bloggerpaloozas. But we did have fun and in the end that's all that counts.

Ron said...

Anne Marie,
Yes, I agree with you, we did have fun and that's all that counts in the end. I'm glad you were able to come. I know I had fun.

Travel said...

The title caught my attention. I enjoyed Bloggerpaloza and am glad we were able to enjoy the wonderful surroundings and people. Thank you again for making it possible. DG

Ron said...

We did have a good time and that's what life is all about. Grab those good moments when you can.

Ur-spo said...

what lovely photos, all!