Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Is It Wednesday Already?

Chickens on their way to their doom - a common everyday sight here in southern Delaware

Time flies when you're having fun.  

Back to work again folks.  I'm beginning to feel like a full-time employee with all the extra hours I'm working at the hotel this month.  Hopefully I can get back on my regular schedule of two nights a week.  And that folks begins tonight, Wednesday night.  Then tomorrow night then I'm off to do my "other" work which at this time of year is my backyard work.  And of course I have new duties this year since I've been volunteered for local Democratic volunteer.  

Ron - neighborhood Democratic volunteer

This morning I will enter all the information of the 76 registered Democrats and 46 houses in my Address book.  I was given sheaves of paper with all this information but I find that unwieldy to handle whilst I'm looking for the domiciles of said registered Democrats who are my neighbors.  My goal is to make my in person visits this Saturday.  Hopefully to catch the unsuspecting unawares when I pounce on them and say "Hi! My name is Ron Tipton and I'm one of your nearby neighbors and a volunteer for the local Democratic party………and so on."  Yet another avenue of experience for your intrepid 72 year old formerly life long registered Republican who was radicalized by the extreme right wing fanatic crazy assed turn of what used to be the Republican Party (yes, I voted for Goldwater - my first ever vote in 1964 and Nixon - yes I did).  Well, enough about my newest non-paid venture.  I can hear the snores of some of you already.

First time out - I voted for one of the biggest losers ever

The past two days have been very uncomfortable for me.  The pain of the broken skin on my back at times is excruciating.  I find it very interesting at this time of my life I am experiencing all these new levels of pain.  Avenues of pain I've never trod down before. Not fun folks.  Yesterday I got some relief when I asked Bill to rub some of his hydro cortisone on the damaged areas on my back. 

Is this what my life's going to be like as I enter into Old Age?  Over the weekend I woke up in the middle of the night with severe leg cramps in my calves.  You know what they're like?  Charley Horses that you can't straighten out.  I had to get up and tromp around my bedroom before they finally went away. 

Just this morning I my right hand froze up with a minor attack of arthritis.  Those arthritic freeze ups have been going on for several years now.  I can handle them, probably because I'm used to them. However, they are becoming more frequent, not less.

So far all negative info this morning folks.  Sorry about that.  I do have some good information. Even though I'm on the outs with my brothers (because of my temerity) and former good friend Bill B., it is a relief not to hear the one brothers' paranoid crazy assed right wing accusatory rants against me.  Oh sure, I do have to occasionally hear my neighbors "I hate Obama!" rants but like my arthritic hand attacks, I'm sort of used to that.  I like her and if it makes her feel good to vent her anger, I'm okay with that…..I guess.  Would be nice to have a conversation for once though without the rant though.

The "Peace and Love" guys from Duck Dynasty - here's my question - if these "good Christian men" are the only ones going to Heaven, is this where I want to go?  Hey, maybe I really am going to Hell or…..maybe they're Hell. Just saying.

This is the first year in four years that Bill and I haven't take a trip South.  Seeing the buds out on the trees reminds me of our trips south and does give me a feeling of melancholy.  But those trips are not to be.  For one thing they're very stressful, traveling over 600 miles and 12 hours one way. 

Pigeon Roost North Carolina, probably my last visit to where my father was born and lived until he was ten years old at which time his family moved to southern Pennsylvania where he met my Mother and I happened

 Then all the unloading and loading at all those scruffy hotels, sleeping on hotel beds God knows who was sleeping there before, and then the expense.  I stopped counting when the bucks passed $2,000.  Bill always liked to visit his hometown in Georgia but we'll probably never do it again.  I think the "event" that sealed our decision never to travel again was when a homophobic cousin of mine threatened us last year when I attempted to visit his parents.

Glenn Renfro and his wife Wanda (my cousin) standing on the porch of his house which was built by my great grandfather Isaac Lewis (my father's mother's father and for whom my father was named). I am no longer welcomed because I "practice the gay lifestyle." So much for southern hospitality.  

The South is pretty and most of the people are friendly on the surface but God help you if you have come out of the closet, your life is literally in danger traveling in those isolated mountains.  Too many guns up there and low information voters willing to use them on anyone who is different from them.  No thank you, we'll stay here in Delaware where the state recognizes equality for ALL of it's citizens, gay and straight.

Okay folks, time to get started on my list.  Have a great day!

Where we live in Delaware - safe (relatively so) and sound - don't have to worry about some paranoid hillbilly shooting us just because we got married


pat888 said...

Ron - love the new banner photo. But I seem to like them all. Good shots. The hope of spring. Diverse blog today. Once again I wish you quick relief from any ailments. It's not that you haven't had way too many things to deal with already. No wonder they wanted you to help out with the knocking on doors. You do such a good and thorough job. I guess that's what happens when you are a perfectionist. So happy gardening and hope it's not nuts at the Inn.


Ron said...


One of the true pleasures in my life (other than blogging and special friends) is my backyard and gardening and creating a sanctuary for the birds and bees. The bluebirds are checking out their bluebird house Ithey didn't make a nest last year for the first time in three years) and the Purple Martin scouts have arrived. All is well at Casa Tipton-Kelly. Now to get my back to heal. This is a new kind of pain. So many different kinds of pain. When I was young I didn't have all this pain. I guess this is precursor of things to come for the Old Guy.

Have a great day!


Amanda said...

No more melancholy for you Mister! Stay in your beautiful home where life is sweet, your garden rewarding you plenty of fresh air and beauty, where the birds are grateful for your green thumb... Think bed bugs and pushy tourists and be happy you only encounter the last ones in your hotel.

anne marie in philly said...

your tulips are gorgeous as always.

Travel said...

I see the trucks loaded with chickens in the Shenandoah Valley, it is enough to make me think about being a vegetarian or at least be more selective about what I buy and consume.

Ron said...

A wave of sadness alway washes over me when I see one of these loaded chicken trucks. Those chickens are only eight weeks old. On their way to their doom is the first time they've seen daylight. They're raised under artificial light. They're stunned by the light. I feel so sorry for them.

Ron said...

Anne Marie,
I am so glad I can have tulips now. When I lived in Pennsylvania, no tulips. Squirrels wouldn't allow it. Now I can go tulip crazy. More tulips next year!

Ron said...

I think I'll; take a break from the melancholy and enjoy our beautiful home. Spring is about to be sprung, finally. The leaves will be out on the trees by this time next week and I'm going to have a glorfious five months before we go back into the monochrome deep freeze again.

Ur-spo said...

heaven for climate; hell for society.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Ron, remember "practice" makes perfect, regarding the homo lifestyle! I am sorry you have to face such discrimination in your own family. Perhaps in time and with alienation, they will come around. Hope springs eternal, just like your lovely garden. The South is a very tricky area to be out in; I live a double and sometimes triple life at times. My Dad and I took a trip last year to the Smokey Mtns, and on the North Carolina side we got a lot of dirty looks because I think people thought we were a couple. But my favorite part was back on the Tennessee side where he got called my grandfather - LOL. Made my day for the vanity of my fading youth, but probably didn't do my poor Dad's ego any favors. Hope your pain subsides soon.

~~~ NB

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
For such a beautiful area of the country and so called "Christian values", there sure is a lot of hate simmering in those mountains.

Ron said...

I didn't realize how marginalized my family had viewed me (old "Crazy Uncle Ron") but apparently when I got legitimacy married, that was too close for comfort. And especially since I didn't apologize or seek their approval but just got married like they did. What really saddened and surprised me was the casual remark of my lifetime good friend who said "Who are you marrying next Ron? Your pet?" Even when I asked him "Do you realize what you just said and how insulting that is?" he still didn't get it only to say "Well Ron, some people believe that." Such self assured, and righteous arrogance. I don't need it and won't tolerate it.
Oh yes, the South is a very tricky area to be in. I did consider retiring in the South (Johnson City, Tennessee) but decided against it because of the "good Christian values" which translates into rampant homophobia. One literally has to live in the closet in those areas for their own safety. I didn't want to live the rest of my life like that. It's a shame because if you're part of the "good Christian family" you're accepted, otherwise, you're the devil. Such a beautiful part of the country too. Organized religion, that's why I don't believe in it. It's done more damage than all the wars put together in this country.
My back is still painful but getting better, thank goodness.

Amanda said...

Nobel laureate Steven Weinberg said that : "with or without religion, good people will do good and evil people will do evil - but for good people to do evil, that takes religion".