Monday, April 07, 2014


We moved into Casa Tipton-Kelly in November of 2006.  When the Spring of 2007 rolled around and I was very disappointed to notice that I had neglected to plant any spring bulbs, especially daffodils.  How could I have forgotten that cheerful harbinger of Spring, the bright yellow daffodil to puncture the monotone drabness of the end of the previous winter?

I immediately made a vow that Spring day in 2007 to correct that oversight and plant plenty of spring bulbs the following fall.  I thought I had planted a lot of spring bulbs in the fall of 2007, but when Spring of 2008 rolled around, there was only a smattering of yellow. MORE BULBS!  

In the ensuing years I've been planting more and more bulbs and I think now, the Spring of 2014 (oh how the years do roll by) I'm getting there.  I still have a long way to go but surveying and recording my Riot of Yellow this morning, I'm getting there.  

Next up, the tulips!


Anonymous said...

Ron, I loved the garden tour! My daffodils have long since bloomed out, we had a very early spring this year. I am enjoying azaleas and other blooming plants, I even have a few roses in bloom. Just hope I am allowed to water everything this summer, though I have saved a great deal of rain water. That won't last long though...

Cindy from Sonoma

anne marie in philly said...

I have yet to see a daffy here.

Anonymous said...


Peace <3

Ron said...

The best time of time of the year is just starting. Let the show begin!

Ron said...

Anne Marie,
That was the problem I always had when we lived in PA, the daffodils were always slow to bloom.

Ron said...

Thanks Jay!


Geo. said...

Ron, I brought Norma over to the computer to watch your video and she was delighted with it. Although I was the professional gardener who supported our property, she is the one who kept it beautiful and full of color, like yours --and who taught me most of what I know. I congratulate you and Bill on your designs and work on what appears to be a large greensward and beautiful border. My compliments!

Ron said...

I always wanted a large greensward with a border of shrubs and flowers. When we lived (in the woods) in Pennsylvania, I tried for that but wasn't successful because of the heavily wooded area. Plus, the deer and the squirrels thought all my plantings were a giant salad bowl. Thus it was refreshing when we moved to our new property in Delaware I had an empty palette to work with, sans the deer and squirrels.
Thanks for your compliments!

Anonymous said...

Very nice, Ron! I think bulb planting is hard to do all at once and takes a few years to get "right", since you are planting for the future (and who knows what that will hold). Hope you get a chance to enjoy the fruits of your labors via a nice long Spring.
~~~ NB

Ron said...

You are so right, it does take several years to get it "just right." Actually, it never is "just right", always a work in progress. I too hope for a long spring and not one of those One Week springs that evolve into an early hot and humid summer.

Jack said...

Loved the video. I'm impressed that you took the time and made the effort to do that in the rain. When I see your pictures and videos it makes me want to have some of the yard I used to have. Unfortunately I cannot plant except on the small deck that's attached to my condo. I tried but the heat of summer makes even missing a day of watering a disaster. I have all but given up trying. I do enjoy your efforts though.