Sunday, April 27, 2014

Successful Saturday!

Dressed and ready to go!

Yesterday morning dawned bright and sunny.  I woke up mentally and physically prepared to assault my adjoining residential development of Oyster Rocks.  Yes, your intrepid neighborhood volunteer for the Democratic party was going to take advantage of their neighborhood yard sale and introduce myself.  

I have to admit it was with some trepidation as I dressed in my non-threatening, user friendly outfit of blue pull over sweater, pale yellow shirt, and clean jeans and headed out on foot with my clipboard, name badge and Democrat pin.  Ready to go Ron!

The roads in Oyster Rocks that I walked yesterday - lots of exercise!
I walked from my development which adjoins Oyster Rocks.  Checking my list of names and addresses, I stopped at the first house on my list.  I knock on the door and middle aged gentleman answered the door. I asked if his wife was in.  He said she was but she was busy.  I then identified myself as "Hi!  I'm your neighbor from Covington Chase and I'm the neighborhood volunteer for the Democratic party.  I want to let you know that we're active in the neighborhood and urging all registered Democrats to vote in this year, the off year elections.  Here's my card if you have any questions." 

He took my card and told me they had recently moved into the neighborhood from Maryland.  I told him that I had moved from Pennsylvania to Delaware in 2006.  We thus began a pleasant conversation that lasted about a half an hour.  He took me on a tour of his backyard.  As I was talking with him and going on his tour I noticed more cars and activity around me, as more people were coming into the Oyster Rocks development for the yard sales. I thanked him and excused myself and was on my way.

Oyster Rocks neighborhood yard sale yesterday

Well folks, I won't go through everyone that I saw but I did see a LOT of folks!  I think about twenty-five.  I made a good dent in my list of contacting registered Democrats.  Some just answered the door and I gave them my card.  Some others, like Patty W., was also a passionate Democrat who saw the need for a change and we had long conversations.  So, from 8 am to about 11:30 am I had an extremely productive time introducing my wonderful self to said registered Democrats.  

I was apprehensive about knocking on doors of strangers but it appears my fears were unfounded.  My friend Pat told me that I would more likely make more friends than have a door slammed in my face.  The only negative I had was when I knocked on a door of an older house out on Oyster Rocks Road.  An older lady (older than me so you know that is OLD) answered.  She was reluctant to open the door but I motioned for her to open it so I could give her my card.  After I introduced myself she said, with a scowl on her face, "I hate all politicians! They're all liars!" Hmmm, actually I couldn't totally disagree with her and told her so.  Apparently that broke the ice because we also had a long conversation about local politics, the neighborhood and her family which has been in Sussex County for generations (her daughter and son-in-law lived in the house next to hers).  We ended our meeting with her saying to me "God bless you!"  So what do you think folks?  Could I be one of those lying politicians? Nah, I don't have the temperament.  First, I couldn't and wouldn't lie.  Secondly, I have very little patience with some of the more extreme right wing views and I would vociferously voice my views.

One of the hidden houses on Route One (behind that clump of trees) - I couldn't figure out how to get in

After a very successful morning in Oyster Rocks, I returned home and had lunch and took my daily nap.  Awaking from my nap I was all energized again and decided to stop out on the highway (Route One) and knock on those doors. Well folks, that was a completely different demographic out there.  Registered Democrats for sure but not the "imports" that I was so successfully talking to in the morning in Oyster Rocks.  These folks are the original Sussex County residents, lower on the economic scale and houses not quite so grand as mine and my fellow neighbors in Oysters Rocks.  All the houses except one I didn't get anyone to come to the door.  I know they were there because I saw the pickup trucks their driveway.  Again, just another reminder of how lucky I am to have a nice home among nice friendly folks.  There is definitely a cultural divide down here folks, even among us Democrats. 

Yes Paul Ryan, we Dems are a diverse bunch


Anonymous said...

I like you, Ron, but sometimes you are a real dick.

pat888 said...

Good for you Ron. You'll probably convert Republicans with you charm.


Ron said...

Thank you! This isn't the first time I've been accused of being a total dick nor will it be the last time. I just tell it like it is. By the way, was it the "pick up truck" line that tweaked you to comment? I LOVE pickup trucks! In fact I wish I had one.

Ron said...

No doubt I will Pat because if there is one thing I am, it is a charmer!