Thursday, September 27, 2012

Where Have I Been?

Bill, Mark and me at my brother's house in PA this past Sunday

Been busy folks!  I'm still trying to get my stuff together after all the activity of the past week.

Let's see, Sunday Bill and I traveled to Pennsylvania for my 53rd annual high school class reunion.  Yes folks, I graduated from Downingtown High School in June of 1959.  So I go to the class reunion and what do I see but a bunch of OLD PEOPLE!  Seems I'm the only one who hasn't changed.  I must be living right.  Believe that then I have a bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell to you.

Yes, I had a very good time at the reunion.  My friend and fellow blogger Mark of "Our Simple Lives" graciously acceded to my last minute request to come and take pictures of me and my fellow senior citizens while we traded stories about our medical conditions.  Mark took 518 pictures under difficult circumstances.  Our reunion was held at the Chicago Bar and Grill in Lionville, PA.  We were off to the side in a narrow room with a wall of backlight.  But even under those challenging circumstances Mark did a fabulous job of taking photos.  Thank you Mark!

Guess who is dominating the conversation at this table?

Bill and I had to get out of Pennsylvania to begin out 2 1/2 hour drive back to Delaware.  Neither one of us likes to drive in the dark.  We just made it through Newark, Delaware and all that road construction to hit Route 1 to home sweet home in Lower Slower, aka Sussex County, Delaware.  Once we hit Route 1, it's a straight shot to Casa Tipton-Kelly.

Wednesday, yesterday, I underwent my stress test at Cardiovascular Associates in Lewes.  I'm still recovering from that three hour ordeal.  Man oh man, talk about a stress test.  I was stressed when that was over.  I'm still exhausted from my TWO 20 minutes trips into the "tube" and the treadmill.  In addition I had all kinds of needles sticking out of the back of my right hand.  I'll write a separate blog posting about that fun time yesterday.  Now I hear I may have to get a catheterization.  THAT I hear is pretty invasive.

Yes, it hurt going in

After I had the stress test, Bill borrowed my car and visited my two long-time friends and to make amends for my blow-up in the parking lot last Saturday.  This was the first time Bill has seen them in over a year.  Bill agrees with me that both of them are pretty much in La La Land.  I don't have time for it.  Bill said the one who was on the receiving end of my fire-breathing dragon blast is going to call me.  I won't hold my breath.

I think I have the next few days off.  No doctor's appointments or fence mending.  I spent most of the morning sorting through the 518 pictures that Mark took of my class reunion.  I'm telling you folks, if any of you have an event where you need a good photographer, Mark is the person to hire.  He's good!

Mark - photographer and friend


nitewrit said...


Oh man, they are putting you through it, aren't they? Hope you get the one where they go in through the hand rather than through a puncture in your groin. I understand that gets you on your feet quicker.

My Doc wants me to see a nephrologist. Forget it for now.

Mom' funeral is tomorrow at noon. Visiting starts at 11:00. Things aren't looking good for dad either right now.


Ron said...


Bill Brookover also advised me getting the catheterization through the hand too. He said the same thing you said, I wold recover sooner.


Harpers Keeper said...

Sorry about the medical issues, Best wishes.

It looks like a nice turn out for the reunion

Roger said...

To get a proper catheterization it needs to travel up thru the aortic vein. Its actually to the right of your groin area and once they put you in lala state I didnt feel anything. Now they keep you awake to talk with you. Anyway I was at Panera Bread 3 hours after. The procedure that sends me into panic is Transesophageal Echocardiography.

anne marie in philly said...

oh man! when spouse had his in 9/26/02 (cath and angio), they went thru the groin. he says thru the hand is much better.

sorry to hear about your friend larry's parents.

Ron said...

Anne Marie,

I hope I don't have to make that decision. I visit with my cardiologist week after next to review the tests that I took the past two weeks.


Ron said...


Everyone is advising me against the "going up the groin" procedure and here you are saying it's the best way. If they put me in La La Land I don't care. In fact, I like going to La La Land. No one has mentioned this "Transesophageal Echocardiography" procedure. It sounds like something that would cause me to choke. I don't need that.