Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Medical Update

Me at the medical center last week for my dermatology appointment

Just back from the doctor this morning.  My heart rate is low, 40.  I understand it should be around 60.  My doctor recommended an EKG.  I had that done and the results showed an uneven heart beat.  My doctor is now arranging an appointment for me with a cardiologist.  This is a first for me.  Both of my younger brothers have heart issues.  My youngest brother is on his second pacemaker.

I hope I'm not going down that path.  I'm not overweight (like both of my brothers) and I get plenty of exercise (walking).  I know that's no guarantee against heart problems but I was probably under the false assumption that I was immune from any heart problems.  Perhaps the clincher was when my doctor asked me this morning if I get dizzy.  Are you kidding?  All the time. In fact a wave of dizziness washed over me even as he was asking me.  He asked me if I wanted to lie down.  I told him I didn't.

Just for a safe measure he sent me to get a blood test.  That was an hour wait sitting next to a gravelly voiced woman who talked non-stop and laughed at everything she said.  She obviously drove up my blood pressure.

Don't cry for me Argentina, I'm still plugging along.  I do what has to be done and appreciate each day as a treasure.  I'm ready for whatever, as long as it doesn't hurt too much.

Me this morning in the lobby of the Medical Arts Building waiting for my doctor and 8 am appointment


Jon said...

A low heartrate is called bradycardia, if my memory serves me. It doesn't necessarily indicate a serious condition. Sometimes it simply occurs with age. You look like you're in great shape, and it's encouraging to know that you excercise. As you said, the very best thing is to just relax and savor each day.

I have an extremely irregular heartbeat and high blood pressure, and I seldom excercise like I used to.

Keep the updates coming, Ron, and take care.

Bob said...

As folks say, "It's always something."
Though I hope it's nothing serious!

Ron said...


I don't think it is anything serious but at my age I think I'll have it checked out anyway. I have to be careful though not to get on a "medical treadmill" of a life that turns into a constant round of doctor's visits like my Mother's life towards the end.


Ron said...


I did not know that. Of course I always think the worse, that I only have days to live. I'll look up "bradycardia" for more information. YOu're probably right, this is something that occurs naturally with age. I am starting to experience age related medical issues, a little at a time. I am in better shape than most of my peers. I hope that counts for something and gives me a longer life.

Your comments are always welcome Jon.


anne marie in philly said...

give 'em hell, ron! you ain't going anywhere yet!

Ur-spo said...

I will send you some videos guaranteed to get the heart racing.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,



Ron said...

You got that right Anne Marie!