Thursday, September 20, 2012

Gay Marriage Likely To Go Before Supreme Court Within The Next Year

Me and Bill - 1972

Could it be possible? Could marriage equality, also known as "gay marriage", become  a reality in my lifetime?  Dare I even imagine?

Bill and I often talk about how far our country has come towards ending discrimination against gays and lesbians.  We never thought we would see this in our lifetime.

We remember all to well that it wasn't that long ago that we had to hide who we were for fear of our physical safety and economic survival.

This morning I read on Huff Post where Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said that the Defense of Marriage Act would probably come up soon before the Supreme Court this year.  See here.

Last year Delaware passed a civil union law for same sex partners.  Initially Bill and I were going to rush down to the courthouse in Georgetown and get "hitched".  Then we thought, "This still isn't the real thing" and it isn't.  Delaware's civil union law is a second class "marriage" of same sex partners.  To us, it is not equal to a real marriage.  I'm reminded of what a friend of mine said a few years ago after he and his partner of 31 years ended their relationship.  A few years earlier he and his partner traveled to Canada with a lesbian couple and "got married."  After their breakup I asked him "Are you going to get a divorce now?"  His answer was "Oh that wasn't a "real" marriage. That was make believe."  

I think that says it all, those civil unions and all other arrangements that are designed to give same sex couples they are "married" but designed not to offend many heterosexual couples are "make believe."

Maybe, just maybe in our lifetime Bill and I can get married for real.  It's about time, this summer we will mark 49 years together as a couple.  What a nice 50th anniversary present, to get married.

Bill and me - 2011


Bob said...

Wouldn't that make a great wedding story!
I like Civil Unions, but I've always called them 'marriage lite'.
It may taste great but it's less filling.

anne marie in philly said...

that would be a wonderful 50 year present! I think ALL my boyfriends should get married; the world ain't gonna stop turning, and civilization will continue as before.

but you just KNOW thomas and scalia will be pricks and vote against it cause they are assholes!

Ron said...


If Bill and I were officially married by the time of our 50th anniversary, that would be a dream come true and a movie of the week!


Ron said...

Anne Marie,

To be married by our 50th anniversary was always a dream. I find it incredible that it may actually come true in my lifetime.