Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bill Mahrer Calls BS on Tom Brokaw

I'm glad someone else noticed what I've often seen the BS of the so-called "objective" reporters on TV.  Every time the Republicans spew out another blatant lie, a TV talking head like Tom Brokaw (the "old bullfrog" as I call him) comes out with this BS "both sides do it."  NO THEY DON'T TOM!

You know why they say it don't you?  They want access to the other side.  They think of themselves and want to make sure they have that interview with Romney or the RNC chairman Rience Preibus.  They know if they call them out on their blatant lies that the Romney's and the Preibus's of the political world will cut them off.

So to all the David Gregory's and Tom Brokaw's say "both sides do it",  stop YOUR lying.  No way, no how are the Democrats telling the vicious. blatant lies that the Romney's and the Priebus's are telling.

Retire Tom, hearing that bullfrog voice of your hurts my ears.

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