Saturday, September 01, 2012


The ignoramus Clint Eastwood talks to an imaginary President Obama in an empty chair
Yep folks and all you Obama Haters, your favorite octogenarian celebrity, Clint "Make My Day" Eastwood blew Mitt Romney Romney's chance for a perfect introduction for his acceptance speech at the GOP convention.

Clint, the Mystery Guest, brought an empty chair out with him.  Oh gee, what is the genius Clint GOING TO DO NOW?  Oh my, a Hollywood Icon is to grace us with his artistry.  GO CLINT!  And as the all white Republican, brain-washed ("brainwashed" borrowed from the Republican nominee's father George as his most famous quote) audience clapped like seals, eagerly anticipated what THE HOLLYWOOD ICON WHO SUPPORTS OUR RICH WHITE FOLKS ONLY PARTY was going to surprise us with.

Mr. Eastwood, with his graying hair (what's left of it anyway), swirled up in one of those Hollywood Do's to let us all know that Hollywood celebrities are DIFFERENT than us mere mortals even though they get old and confused just like us, proceeded to talk to an empty chair.

Clint Eastwood, doesn't look a day over 102

It didn't take too long until we all figured out that THE HOLLYWOOD ICON was making believe that the person in the empty chair was President Obama.  Oh, real funny.  How original.  So ARTISTIC.  What a genius THE HOLLYWOOD ICON Clint "Methuselah" Eastwood was!

The whole bit was not only embarrassing to watch but highly insulting to the President of the United States.  At one point Clint insinuated that President Obama told Mitt Romney to fuck himself.  Nice Clint.  Real nice.  How about this Clint:  GO FUCK YOURSELF.

Note:  Apologies to my regular readers who don't like language like this but sometimes it is called for, especially when such a disrespectful display of hate is put on the national stage.

Actually, Clint Eastwood, by his arrogant and ignorant act of disrespect to the President of the United States fucked himself.  He will never have the same level of respect that he once had.  So Clint, yes, you "can do that to yourself."  You just did.

Clint Eastwood, former Hollywood Icon
Stick a fork in him, he's done


Bob said...

The interesting thing is that Clint is vocally pro-choice and pro-marriage equality, two things he didn't mention, and two things that don't mesh with the GOP platform.

anne marie in philly said...

what an ass! I never liked eastwood anyway.

I like obama's tweet: "this seat's taken!" damn str8 (or gay)! OBAMA 2012! 4 MORE YEARS!

Ron said...


I know that Clint was pro-choice and supports marriage equality. I've always liked Clint. What angered me this time though is his jumping on the bandwagon of treating President Obama as 'the other' and his comment about
"we own this country." What the fuck is that supposed to mean? Only old, straight white men own this country?


Ron said...

Anne Marie,

While not a big fan of Eastwood, I did like him especially his directorial skills. He permanently ruined his image with this stunt. What a way to go out, a clown.


Amanda said...

I didn't see Clint's speech so I watched it on "you tube". It seems that he was either high or drunk. I just cannot
explain the rambling and the non-originality of his "act", unless he was making fun of the republicans?
I really feel sorry for him and hope he will have something to say about this.

Ur-spo said...

I did not hear it, but I hear from those who like Mitt they thought it priceless.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,

You actually know people who LIKE Mitt? Wow. What kind of circle of friends do you travel with?


Ron said...


I like Clint Eastwood and still like him. However, this "improv" wasn't his best night. He should have stayed home. He did a lot of damage to his reputation. It's a shame because I do like him as do many others.