Sunday, September 02, 2012

Weekly Roundup

Here we go again folks, my new "Weekly Roundup Feature."  All things that happened this past week, too small to justify individual blog postings but important enough to keep my "Retired in Delaware" blog followers inflamed informed.

This weekend if the official end of summer.  Thank God.  Sure I'm thankful for all the visitors to our vacation mecca here on coastal Delaware but I'm also thankful when they leave and we can get back to normal.  My co-worker at the hotel texted me a message last night the question he was constantly getting last night:  "What's going on?"  This is standard question we get from guest who waiting until the last minute to make reservations at the hotel for rooms only to find out that we are sold out.  "WHAT'S GOING ON?" Like the whole world waits for them to make their hotel reservations one day before Labor Day Weekend.  Sorry folks, SUMMER is "going on."  This "What's going on" has always been a running joke among all my fellow hotel front desk clerks for all hotels where I have worked.  This year was no exception, "What's going on?"  Indeed.

I had my visit with my dermatologist this week to cut out a couple of precancerous patches of skin on my body.  One was right below my right ear and the other on my right clavicle.  It took a total of eleven stitches to sew me back up after my doctor excised the offending flesh.  Does it hurt?  You bet.  But it was something that had to be done.  The stitches will be removed this Friday.  Next up!

I missed a lot of the TV coverage of the Republican Convention this week because I was working Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night at the hotel.  Yep, Part-Time Ron was working almost full-time this week...again.  I go back to working part-time again (Mondays and Tuesdays) this week.  The hotel hired a new part-time person to replace the Drama Queen who previously worked at the hotel and I had to fill in for practically every week.  The new guy (yes, a retired "gentleman" who presumably will be a more dependable employee than his predecessor).  I am really looking forward to going back to my regular schedule.  When I work nights almost every night of the week my eating schedule gets totally screwed up which results in my digestive system getting out of whack).  I did see enough of the convention though to discover that Paul Ryan, the GOP vice presidential candidate is a congenital liar and the presidential candidate Mitt "Mittens" Romney is as odious as I heard.  God, can you imagine looking at those soulless, beady eyes for the next four years?  The mere thought gives me chills that run down my back.

I bought a new hedge trimmer yesterday at Loew's.  I'm ready for fall cleanup in our backyard.  I have loads of holly and rose bushes to trim up before the onset of the cold winds of winter.  The days are getting shorter (dark at 8 pm now), the Purple Martins and swallows are gone and the snow geese from Canada are on their way to spend the winter foraging in our many acres of coastal fields of harvested corn.

I haven't been to the boardwalk once this summer since Memorial Day, unlike previous years when I used to go down at least once a week.  Each year the traffic is heavier and heavier.  This year the traffic of out of state tourists was just too much for me to even consider going down to Rehoboth Beach for a walk on the boardwalk.  What is even worse than the heavy traffic are the number of aggressive drivers.  We've already had several fatalities caused by reckless drivers.  I don't want to be part of that statistic so I just stay clear of the madness during the summer months.

I am looking forward to fall and winter when we locals get our town back.  Thanks out of state tourists, we appreciate all the business but now it is time to go home.  Get those kiddies back in school and have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We'll see you next year but now it is time for us to enjoy the truly wonderful place that is living in southern Delaware.

Morning fog - Sussex County, Delaware


anne marie in philly said...

YAYZ, you survived the tourist season!

Ron said...

Anne Marie,

Each year the tourist season goes by faster and faster. This year was a whiz!


Ur-spo said...

Where do all the tourists go when the depart?