Sunday, September 09, 2012

Weekly Roundup

Here we go again folks with my weekly roundup of the comings and goings of my past week and what a week it has been.

The week started off with my new hours at the hotel.  Instead of working 3 to 11 Wednesdays and Thursdays, I now work Mondays and Tuesdays, 3 to 11.  Monday night I trained the new part-time person who replaced Lisa, the Drama Queen who was always asking me to work for her.  The new part-time person is a retired gentleman like me.  He already has hotel experience and was easy to train.  I look forward to going back to my regular pattern of working part-time two nights a week instead of the on-call status I had during Lisa's reign of drama.  Thank God.

Tuesday I had the first of my three appointments with different doctors.  Tuesday was with my new general  general practioner doctor, or as I call him my "regular doctor."  I finally have a American male doctor.  Call me prejudiced but I just feel more comfortable with a male doctor who is an American.  Not that there is anything wrong with all the female and male Pakistani and Indian doctors I've seen over the past 10 or 12 years through the catch as catch can system of the VA system, I just wanted the SAME doctor who got to know me and my condition without having to explain myself to a new doctor each time.  Long sentence there but this situation has been bothering me for some time and I'm glad I finally resolved it.  My doctor is also gay, more comfort level so I don't also have to explain THAT.

Wednesday I have my first appointment with my cardiologist.  My new "family" doctor recommended that I see a cardiologist because of an indication on my electrical cardiogram of an irregular heartbeat.  I met my new cardiologist who I was pleasantly surprised to discover was a very handsome young man.  He is obviously straight (married and four kids) but it is still a pleasure to discuss health matter with someone who has a pleasant manner and is easy on the yes rather than some old gruff toad.  He patiently showed me my chart which indicated electrical impulses that my heartbeat was emitting where they should be impulsing.  He said it "could be nothing because of age (there goes that "age" thing again) or it "could be something ELSE."  He recommended a series of tests with begins next week with an echocardiogram. The following week I will wear a heart monitor for a couple days.  The week after that I take a stress test.  In December he scheduled me for a vascular test.  At my age (there goes that term again, which I am getting very familiar with "at my age"), these tests are probably wise to have in case there is a situation lurking beneath the surface that could fell me.  I've never had any of these tests before with is quite a testament for someone "my age."

Friday I saw my dermatologist to have my stitches removed from last weeks minor surgery to have a couple pre-cancerous removals of flesh from beneath my right ear and right clavicle.  The good news is the biopsies came back and neither of the precancerous removals were malignant.  GREAT NEWS!

Bill on the way to the hospital to visit our friend

I got news this week that my longtime friend of 52 years was in the hospital. I won't mention his name because I always get feedback of great outrage from one particular individual that I dare mention something so private in my very public blog postings, but my friend is part of my life.  My friend is the reason I moved to Delaware.  For years now I have been warning about my friend's descent into dementia and his partner's erratic behavior only to be told I was imagining things.  Two years ago I even called my friend's nephew and warned him that his uncle should not be driving a car in his condition (he has Parkinson's disease).  I don't think the nephew took me seriously either.  Well, the worst happened this week.  The partner had a stroke while he was driving his car.  Fortunately neither one of them was injured in the car but both ended up in different hospitals.  I've been making daily visits to my friend in the hospital which is located nearby where I work.  His partner is in a hospital in a different city.  I understand the nephew and others are finally swinging into action this week and steps are being taken to put both of them in a care facility.  This is just another reminder to me how fragile our way of life is and how it could change on a dime.  Only last week both of these guys were living independently and now they're going into a total care facility.  Both Bill and I have talked about our own situation and the possibility of this happening to us and what we would do.  I guess one can never completely plan for such emergencies but I do plan to stay in this house for as long as I can.  Of course I realize I'm not the only old geezer to say this but it is our plan.  Bill will turn 84 in a couple weeks and I will turn 71 in two months.  We're getting there.

The Democratic Convention is over.  I thoroughly enjoyed all the speeches.  I am so glad I changed from Republican which I did after the 1992 Republican Convention in Houston where Pat Buchanan gave his hate filled tirade against gays and anybody else who didn't fit his definition of a "good American").  I would rather belong to a party of diversity instead of one of exclusiveness like what today's Republican Party has morphed into.  Gays, women and people of color are NOT WELCOME in the "family values" Republican Party of today.  Neither are old people like me since Romney and Ryan have pledged to privative Social Security and end Medicare as we know it.  It's a no brainer folks.  I am disappointed in Obama but considering the alternative, I will vote for Obama.  We can't let the Republicans get back in power and complete the destruction of this country that they were well on there way to do during the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld Reign of Terror (government approved torture and spying on American citizens and the almost total destruction of our financial system due to massive tax cuts and two Wars of Choice and running up the national debt).

The days are still hot and humid around here but I can feel summer coming to an end and it can't be soon enough.  I'm looking forward to spending cold days inside our warm and cozy hacienda here at Casa Tipton-Kelly.  You never know, it may be our last year.  When I see what happened to my friend this week who is in the hospital, I know that could happen to us.  That's why I make every day count.

Me in the lobby waiting for my doctor


anne marie in philly said...

good to hear the no cancer diagnosis! and your thoughts on the GOP are spot on! sorry to hear about your friends; you and your bill are likely to remain at your house since you are active. and the drama queen can piss right off; normal working hours are fabulous!

enjoy today; looks like a nice sunny one!

Jon said...

That's a neat photo of you waiting in the lobby. I like the way the sun is shining in across the floor. Glad to hear that the biopsies were good from the dermatologist.
It's also encouraging to know that you actually have a white male American doctor (this species is getting very difficult to find).
Even here in the wilds of West Texas most of the doctors are from India or Pakistan.
When my mother was dying in 2009, her doctor was from India and could hardly speak English. I truly don't think he knew what the hell he was doing....he had the attitude that when you're old you should die.......(this brings back so many HORRIBLE memories that I nearly fall apart when I write about it.....).

Ron said...


I liked the way the sun was shining across the lobby too. That's why I asked Bill to take this photo.

For the past 15 years or so the only doctors I've had were either women or foreign. I had no choice because I was going to the VA. Now that I am choosing my own doctor I chose this one, who also happens to be gay but that is not the reason I choose him. I just wanted a regular, white, male doctor. Call me prejudiced, but I want to feel comfortable with my doctor discussing my personal issues. And I do want to understand him. Too many of the foreign doctors I could hardly understand. I also had the experience with some of them who didn't seem to care about me which really pissed me off. I'm sorry you had to deal with that kind of doctor during your mother's illness.


Ron said...

Anne Marie,

I was vastly relieve that the precancerous skin biopsies weren't malignant. I wish you could have met my friend Bob when he was in good health. I just know the two of you would really have it it off.