Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Holter Monitor

Holter Monitor - (model - not me - my photo will appear later)

Today at 10:30 a.m. I get a Holter monitor.  Folks, I am dreading this.

Years ago Bill had to wear one for a day.  I remember what an annoyance it was for Bill.  Now I'm there.

Tomorrow I have an appointment to get the oil changed in my car and 15,000 mile maintenance performed.

Friday an appointment with my dermatologist and then over to the Georgetown VA for my annual flu shot.

Whatever happened to those days when I could just coast through the whole week doing nothing but sitting at my computer; posting to my blog, updating my Find a Grave account and surfing the Internet to see the reactions to the latest Romney presidential campaign fiasco?

I remember years ago when I used to tease my Mother about her week filled with doctor's appointments.  Guess what?  I'm there now.

Ah yes, the "Golden Age" of retirement.


Bob said...

When you consider the alternative, well, maybe it's not so bad? =)

nitewrit said...


Mercy, you gotta wear that thing? It looks like the backside of a Microsoft operated PC. Speaking of Doctor's, my mom's called at 8:15 this morning. That is about when I got back from my walk, so I just missed him. Message was he had some questions and they were going to ship mom back to Pembrooke tomorrow. I called him back, but he wasn't there so now I wait for him to call me again.

Meanwhile I have a meeting at 11:00 at Pembrooke regarding my dad who I had a call concerning yesterday as the put him on something else.

I know what you mean about those golden, olden days we're supposed to be having. Amazingly, I actually managed to do a post at Drinking of Elder Men yesterday. I'm really trying to get back to something like normalcy.

Here's hoping you don't trip or strangle yourself in that contraption.


Anonymous said...

That's an old one. Mom had one about 6 months ago and it was about the size of the original iPod. She barely noticed it. How you're is a good exp too. You should bring a razor so you can clean or shorten the hairy areas where they'll stick the pads.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Yeah, a lot of things about getting older truly suck, but they beat the alternative. Good luck with your halter. Doesn't look like a lot of fun. A poem I read some time ago is niggling at the back of my head, but I can't quite capture it. All I can remember is the last line: "Old age can kiss my ass."

Ron said...

You're right Bob! I'll take this annoyance instead of the "alternative."


Ron said...


I'm having a time not strangling myself with this contraption when I go to the bathroom.


Ron said...


You're right, the picture I posted was of an older model. I'm wearing the current model now. See my next post.


Ron said...


I would like to go a week without a doctor's appointment.