Friday, September 07, 2012

Jennifer Granholm's "Rev Up Your Engines" Speech

No one, not even the most brain-washed, Kool-Aid suckingRepublican can deny that the Democratic Convention lacked enthusiasm.  Below is former governor Jennifer Granholm's speech that she gave last night at the DNC.

It was tough finding an unaltered video of her complete speech because the Repugs are (of course) trying to discredit what she had to say but here is her speech in its entirety.  Oh how I love it when someone tells it like it really is.  Go Jennifer!


Jeff said...

That was excellent. This campaign is so frustruating with all the lies and half truths and distored information that is out there.

Ron said...


I agree with you. I'm glad the Dems are finally taking on the bullies that is today's Republican party. And to think I used to be a registered conservative Republican. Not today. I don't recognize today's Republican party.


Anonymous said...


Though I saw this speech last night, I enjoyed watching it again. I hope the fire from all the speeches somehow don't get lost in the job reports released today. Not good timing at all! You know who has my vote though.

Cindy from Sonoma

Bob said...

I can't think of any speaker at the DNC who wasn't spot-on and on fire!

And not one of them talked to a chair.

Ron said...


There was no lack of enthusiasm at the DNC. Now to turn that into voter turnout. My only worry is how effective the Big Lie will be when the swing states are inundated with ads from Karl Rove's Crossroads Group. There are a lot of Low Information voters out there.


Ron said...


In addition to all the other valid reasons that Romney and Ryan should not be elected to the highest office in the land is their support of the war against women. The GOP says they believe in small government but they seem to have no problem with sticking their noses into the private lives of families when it comes to reproductive rights.

There is so much that is repellant about Romney and "pretty boy" Ryan. I am looking forward to when this election is over and President Obama is reelected and Romney and Ryan recede into the dustbin of history.