Friday, August 26, 2011

The Night Before

The sunset this evening during my walk

Here we sit awaiting Irene.  If I didn't tell you that I hope that all the weather forecasters were wrong, I would be lying.  I have butterflies in my stomach right now because I don't know what to expect.  Well actually I sort of know what to expect, a nor'easter of the likes of which I never experienced before.

I just came back from my early evening walk in the Oyster Rocks development behind the development where I live.  The sun was just setting.  I took several pictures with my iPhone some of which are on this posting.

There was an eerie calm in the development.  Usually on a late, summer August evening such as this some of the folks back there would be cooking out on their barbecue.  The happy sounds of relatives and/or friends visiting to take advantage of the last days of summer.  No such late summer evening activity this evening among my neighbors in Oyster Rocks.  All was quiet except for a long doggie yapping at me from someone's back deck.  A sadness created over me.  I almost feel like we're waiting to be punished for something.

I could hear the cars on Route 1 streaming north.  So unusual because on other summer Friday nights there is almost an unbroken line of traffic streaming south to Lewes, Rehoboth Beach, Dewey Beach, Bethaney Beach and points south like Ocean City Maryland.  However, since Delaware governor Markel declared a mandatory evacuation of all shore points within 3/4 a mile of inland bays, canals and the Atlantic Ocean; the only activity is the steady stream of cars, vans, and travel trailers.  One interesting omission in the travel vehicles is the absence of motor cycles.  Usually we hear many motorcycles roaring down Rt. 1 to points south during these late summer days.  No rude motorcycle racket this summer evening.

Bill helped our neighbors get their generator started.  Ours is working and ready to go if when the power goes out.  We're ready to hunker down and ride this baby out.

Sunny days are forecast for all next week.  We will get there.  We just have to go through this drama first.

Just before the sun set the sky was ablaze with this arrow pointed at my neighbor's house. 


Buddy Bear said...

Wow! Spectacular colours in the last picture! I'm hoping that you and Bill (and your home) will be all right.

Ron said...

Thank you Buddy Bear. We're as ready as we can be. We're not going anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ron,

Beautiful pictures of the sunset! My husband & I were on the way home from Salisbury & the sky here was beautiful but a sense of forboding came over me because of not knowing what to expect tomorrow. I'm sure walking the dog is going to be a miserable task if not a dangerous one.
It's hard to believe we've had an earthquake & now a hurricane in less than 10 days.

I hope you & Bill are safe through out the next couple days & soon all this will be a distant memory.

Good luck,

Amanda said...

Gorgeous colors Ron. I am glad to know that some of your neighbors will stay too so you guys won't be on your own. I watched Diane Sawyer and the ABC broadcasters talk about this monster hurricane. It will be a historic event and I don't envy you. My ex in-laws moved to the big island of Hawaii when category 5 Iniki "fell" on Kauai. They just didn't want to stay. My friends were there too shooting "Jurasic park". It was crazy and very scary.
I am so sorry about your PSA level being still high.
♥ to Bill and you.

nitewrit said...


Much to tell you once this blow blows over. Hang in there. Hoping we don't go dark. Big changes here.


Ron said...


We both have that sense of foreboding of what is to come this weekend. Maybe part of it was that it was so quiet today for a summer evening. It's almost like we're in a ghost town. I don't envy you walking the dog in a hurricane. When we had dogs they were easily distracted by bad weather like heavy rain and snowstorms. It was a problem getting them to do their business.
I hope we all make it through this hurricane and then get back to our normal lives.

Ron said...


Hawaii is one place that I would like to visit just once before I get too old. My friend Bob C. visited there last year and confirmed that Hawaii is every bit as beautiful as it has always been depicted. I bet they have beautiful sunsets there.

Ron said...


I'll try and call you on FaceTime tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Lovely (and eerie) picture. Living in a place where such storms never occur I can only imagine what you're going through.
Over here we're more like busy checking the insulation and trying to save stuff from go buried in the upcoming snow... which is a completely different thing from surviving a hurricane.

Hope you will be fine.


wcs said...

I read that Irene is weakening as it approaches the Carolina coast (where Ken's family is). That's good news for you. Stay safe!