Thursday, August 25, 2011

Awaiting Irene

Evacuation Route

Yes folks, I'm right in the path of the biggest hurricane to hit the Delmarva peninsula in decades.  Oh joy.  This is supposed to be the biggiest hurricane to hit the east coast since Hurricane Hazel in October of 1954, 57 years ago.  I remember Hurricane Hazel.  I was just a young lad of 11 years old but it scared the bejuses out of me.  I was sort of hoping I wouldn't go through something like that again in my lifetime.

So here I sit at work, for once wishing I lived in Phoenix, Arizona.  Most of the hotel guests have cancelled their reservations for the weekend or left early today.  We have a few guests left in the hotel but as the one guest told me when I informed him of the dire situation approaching us this weekend, "Where am I going to go?  We live in New York." 

Ocean City, which is about 25 miles down the road, has a mandatory evacuation order.  We, here on the east cost of Sussex County have a voluntary evacuation order.  Bill and I are sticking it out in our house, which is on the east side of Route 1, two miles from the beach.  We have a basement. 

My last big Hurricane Experience was Hurricane Floyd in September of 1998.  I was working at a hotel then too.  Because of my extraordinary effort in getting to the hotel (The Hampton Inn in Lionville, PA) and keeping it running and the guests calmed (yes, I'm bragging) during that natural disaster the Hilton Hotel corporation awarded me a "Best Guest Service Representative" award which was a trip for two to Disneyworld for four days.

I hope this one passes us by, I've already been to Disneyworld.


anne marie in philly said...

Spouse and I were in the process of moving back to the philly area from northern VA in 99; floyd was a B-I-T-C-H!

so NOT looking forward to irene! stay safe, youse guys!

Melissa said...

Ron - You and Bill please be safe... We will be thinking about you for the next couple days. I agree no trip to Disney for you this time.

anne marie in philly said...

PS - I hears ya about phoenix; let's all of us move into dr. spo's house. he can bring us tropical drinks with umbrellas in them, while dressed in a grass skirt and cha cha heels.

smooches to dear spo!

Will J said...

Prepare with enough water, food, batteries and blue tarps like it is going to be a week long bad camping trip. Prayers for your safety.

Will J

Mark said...

We just got back from there a couple of hours ago. My Mom just called and said they are coming home tonight.
Got your flashlight?

Ur-spo said...

totally awesome!
I remember reading about Hazel in elementary school, and it made me crackers for major storms.

Tiger Chanter said...

Stay safe guys! And the media isn't helping any with their messages of doom! I'm hoping that by the time it reaches us in Mass that it will be a shadow of its former self!

Anonymous said...

Trying to get my father to heed the evacuation orders before the bridge closes from the island(Pine Knowl Shores NC) to the mainland is a struggle today. After 19 years they have rode several out, but with this one set to hit land directly on top of them. My mom was talking last nite about Hazel she was a teenager working at Ocean City at the time.

Ron said...

Anne Marie,

I just missed by seconds having my car flooded while trying to get to work at the hotel when Hurricane Floyd hit. That's when I realized how folks end up with their cars floating in the water with them IN IT! Bill and I are going to ride this one out. At least I don't have to go to work. Am I nervous? You bet.

Ron said...


Thank you for your concern. We'll take any prayers that are offered for our safety. We're riding this one out. I hope it's not too bad. We really are too old for this drama.

Ron said...


We're prepared. Thank you for your concern.

Ron said...


I was tempted to take off for Johnson City, Tennessee (where we spent a couple days of our May vacation) but Bill won't leave. I was especially tempted when I checked out a husband and wife guests from the hotel early last night and they are from Johnson City and going back! I told them I wanted to go with them.

Ron said...


Thanks for your concern. The media is scaring the bejeuses out of me. I should stop watching but I can't. I keep hoping Irene will veer off to the sea. So far that doesn't appear to be happening. We await.

Ron said...


Oh I hope you persuade your father to evacuate. I do think this one is the Big One. We live two miles from the water. If we lived nearer the water we would definitely evacuate. I remember Hazel even though I was only 12 years old at the time. I was standing outside in 67 mph winds and I was mightily impressed. I can't imagine winds faster than that. Hazel knocked our power our for a week. I hope that doesn't happen this time.