Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Drive Through Our Neighborhood After Irene

This is a video of Bill and I driving through our neighborhood the morning after Hurricane Irene slammed into us last night.  There wasn't too much damage.

We took a drive to the town of Milton (which I may have already posted about) to check our friend's house.  It was still standing intact.

We saw some big trees down at one house but the owner was outside walking around with a coffee cup assessing the damage and I didn't have the guts heart to take a picture of his new involuntary landscaping project.

More video to come (now that I know how to upload videos directly to my You Tube account).


Ur-spo said...

not bad at all; I know this must be a relief to you. Despite the 'disappointment' i think it prudent everyone asssumed the worst.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,

I am not disappointed one iota that Irene didn't wipe us out. We spent a long night worrying about tornadoes and floods, not to mention the wind tearing shingles off of our house (which has happened before). This morning I put all my Important Papers back in my home safe. I had them in my suitcase in case we had to make a quick exit. What a way to live!