Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dancing With The Stars Season #13

The cast of the new season of "Dancing With the Stars" season 13 was announced last night!

"DWTS", the BEST show on TV!  I love it. This is my absolute favorite TV show, in spite of the annoying habit of some of the professional dance partners of the celebrities (think Mark Ballas) to ham it up and steal the spotlight for themselves.

This seasons cast is varied and interesting but still seems to follow a familiar formula.  There are the athletic and naturally agile sports stars (this time Ron Atest and Hope Solo).  My money is on Ron Atest to win the Revolving Disco Ball.

Then there are the klutzes who don't stand a chance because the ballet dancing hippos in "Fantasia" (think Nancy Grace, Chaz Bono and Ron Kardashian).  The producers put these sad souls on the show much like the Roman Emperors threw the Christians to the lions in the coliseum.  There are always those in the audience who like to see slaughter, no matter how predictable.

Then we have the beautiful damsels you just love to see move across the dance floor in barely there costumes being flung around by their professional partners that you excuse for not dancing well because just because they look so good (think Elisabetta Canalis and Kristin Cavalari).

Then there are the semi and has been celebrities that you don't think can dance but will surprise you by their smooth moves as a result of their hard work and dedication to do well (think Rikki Lake, J. R. Martinez and Chynna Phillips).

And of course there is the mandatory Celebrity Clown (notice, there is one per show) who have screwed up their careers and who won't dance well and don't care but we will still watch them because so many of us are addicted to schadenfruede (a German word meaning enjoying the misfortune of another).  Of course the celebrity who steps up to the plate to fill that role is none other than David Arquette, Mr. Courteny Cox.  Get ready for a LOT of David Giggles (he still thinks he's a cute little boy).

And that leaves one, Carson Kressley, he of the late "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy."  You all remember Carson don't you?  He was the one with the over the top, stereotypical gay mannerisms and actions that give all gays like me a bad name.  I don't know what to make of Carson being on the show.  I notice that he's not in the group cast picture of the Season 13 contestants.  I wonder why?  Perhaps his head was too big.  Carson strikes me as one of those quasi celebrities who think they are the Second Coming once they get a little exposure.  I doubt if he will last long on the show or that anyone will even care.

So there you are, Ron's first critique of "DWTS - Season 13".  I take no prisoners.


Tiger Chanter said...

Oh, Ron! Don't hold back girl! ;)

But seriously? " Ron Kardashian"? I don't even know who this is?!! ABC is really scraping the bottom of the "celebrity" barrel!

P.S. Don't count Chaz out. You never know. Look at how well Kirstie Alley did! And that means that Cher will probably be in the audience once or twice!! Woo-Hoo! ;)

Cubby said...

J.R. Martinez is going to be my favorite right from the start. I only hope he can dance, or can at least show measurable improvement week to week.

Four of the six women I've never heard of before. That doesn't surprise me since women are basically invisible to me. Is it sexist to say that? I wouldn't mind seeing Ricki Lake win, however. She won my heart in 'Hairspray'.

Mark in DE said...

Its nice to see some actual "stars" on this season. Its kinda bad when you see the cast and say "Who's that?"

Ron said...


Oh yes, I'm counting Chaz out even before I see him. Are you kidding? Now who I would like to see on DWTS is Cher!

Ron said...


You're right, some actual people we know. But like Cubby, I've never heard of the babes. I hope I'm not sexist and I didn't even realize it.