Saturday, August 27, 2011

Entering Rehoboth Beach the Morning of Irene

Bill and I take a ride to Rehoboth Beach, which is six miles down the road from where we live north of Rehoboth.  I want to take some videos of the once in a lifetime event of a deserted Rehoboth Beach on an August Saturday morning.  I wasn't disappointed as the following videos will show.  To listen to me talking on the videos, turn off the music on this blog by pushing the Pause button.

We continue our ride into Rehoboth this morning as the darkness recedes.

Now we are about to enter Rehoboth Beach.

We drive down a deserted Rehoboth Avenue, the main drag in Rehoboth Beach. Normally on a late August Saturday morning like this morning, this road would be clogged with vehicles and people and bikes.

I get out of our Jeep and walk to the Atlantic Ocean in Rehoboth.  Already the waves ares starting to swell up and a light rain falls.

Walking down a deserted Rehoboth Avenue this rain and wind sweated August Saturday morning in Rehoboth Beach Delaware.

Bill and I "get out of Dodge" and head back home before the rains really start to come down.

We continue on north on Rt. 1 to our home.

The rain is picking up now as we head home to safety.

We take a ride down Oyster Rocks Road to the Broadkill River, which is the closest body of water to us.
There isn't any development at the end of Oyster Rocks Road because it is a marshland.  However, across the marshland you can see the million dollar house waiting for Irene this evening.  I wonder if they will be standing tomorrow.


Mark said...

You should work for CNN.

Ron said...


The local Fox News van was down at the boardwalk. I know you would have taken some great shots this morning. It's raining steady now and this is early. Irene isn't expected until midnight tonight. I think our biggest worry is going to be the flooding. I'm glad I opted for the bonus room upstairs, we may need it!

Tiger Chanter said...

That was truly amazing! What an age we live in where you can take those videos and we can view then moments later from anywhere in the world! I'm glad that you two are home safe and sound now. It's just starting to rain here in Springfield, MA. at 10:07 AM and we're still hoping that it diminishes before it reaches us. Take care Ron!

Pumpkin Delight (Kimberly) said...

Wow! I wish everyone the best! Glad you aren't in the line of fire.

Ron said...


I never cease to be amazed by today's technology. I just discovered yesterday that I could send videos taken with my iPhone directly to You Tube. I'll be sending a lot more videos in the future now that I don't have to eat up my computer's memory.

Ron said...


I think we are in the line of fire. I'll check the news now. Hopefully Irene has changed course. I can do without this drama, believe me.

anne marie in philly said...

the saketumi parking lot was empty! oh horrors! WHERE are all my gay boyfriends?

right now (12:30p), all we have are clouds. but we are prepared; all plastic items are stored in the garage. we have food and water. cats have their food. no worries.

stay safe, ron and bill!

PS - word is "crumella", a new disney bad girl who works in a doughnut shop!

Ron said...

Anne Marie,

Do not fret, the wind and rain is coming your way. I just talked to my brother Isaac and my friend Bill both in Downingtown. They both said what you said "No rain and some clouds." Hey, you're getting it! I'm sending it up right now.

anne marie in philly said...

ok, so it's been raining lightly since 1p.

the baseball games for today have been cancelled. the malls are shutting at 5p. I ran out to CVS for shampoo (yeah, I know).

"I'm all right, nobody worry 'bout me"

keep updating, dear! that way I know you are ok.

PS - word is "putme", as in "put me on the shelf"

Larry, aka The Kid and The Old Goat said...


Of course there were cars in the Hampton Inn parking lot. There has to be someplace to stay for all those reporters and camera men who lost the office pool and have to spend the week standing along the beach yammering at us about the wind and wet.

Think of how old storms are bits and pieces of graining news reels and our storms are millions of videos. It is amazing what we have lived to see.


Ron said...

CNN just called and offered me a job.