Saturday, August 27, 2011

Preparing for Irene

Just got a call from my neighbor Barb.  She said that Ocean City, MD turned off their water treatment plant.  You know what that means, fill up the bathtubs!  I don't want to be stuck not being able to flush the toilet.

The rain has been coming down for about five hours now.  I just got up from my afternoon nap (a very nice nap by the way with the rain falling outside).  We're expecting the full brunt of Irene in about eight hour or 2 a.m. this morning.  I wonder if I'll be able to sleep tonight as well as I did this afternoon.

We have a lot of water outside but I've seen worse during several nor'easters that have blown through here since we moved here in November of 2006.  The wind is buffeting the side of the house now.  If I told you I wasn't afraid I would be lying.  This is NO FUN, believe me.  Thank God I haven't heard anything more about a tornado for our area.


Iberostar said...

Ron, it's going to be an windy night there! We are retired in Georgia now, but grew up around Wilmington, DE and visit Rehoboth anytime we can! Stay safe - love your blog.
Janice and Mike in Watkinsville, GA

D@vid said...

I hope it goes well... My friends with their house in Rehoboth got it all buckled down yesterday.

Anonymous said...

They need you at the Holiday Inn Express at Cherry Point NC :-) With no power since 4am a hotel full of evacuees(mainly seniors) the person on duty did not want to open up the kitchen to get apples,fruit,crackers with out proper authorization. But it is good you are hunkered down. Will have to see the damage when they open up the bridge to the barrier islands at parents which took the first direct hit when she made landfall this morning ... Have you noticed the "worst" always have female names ?

slugmama said...

Stay safe Ron.
I grew up in Virginia Beach and my brother lives in Chesapeake VA, next town over. Watch for flooding, especially in the bay/marsh areas.

Ron said...

Thank you for your comment Janice. The wind and the rain are whipping around bad now. I'll be glad when this hurricane moves on and life can go back to normal. I'm too old for all this drama.

Ron said...


When I'm on hotel duty during an emergency I suspend all the regular rules. Obviously the front desk personnel at that Holiday Inn Express at Cherry Point, NC don't know what they're doing. When I was on Thursday night at the hotel and got the evacuation order I refunded everyone's money WITHOUT taking a cancellation fee. I mean really. People have enough on their minds and they don't need this BS. It's pretty bad here now Bobbi. I hope this ends soon but I fear it's going on a few more hours. At least we still have power.

Ron said...

We were down in Rehoboth this morning D@vid. It's a ghost town. Lots boarded up. A wise move on those homeowner's part.

Larry, aka The Kid and The Old Goat said...


Half hour ago they reported a tornado in Lewes heading northwest toward Milford. Also tornado in Kent county. We're getting some wind and rain here now.

If I was that hotel clerk I'd bust down the kitchen door if necessary in this situation. Sometimes you don't worry about protocol. You do the right thing.

Like you, I will be glad to see this night over and tomorrow afternoon come.


Ron said...


Another friend of mine also reported a tornado had landed in Milford. Man, I don't need that!

Yes, in an emergency all hotel protocol is suspended. I've been working at a hotel several times now during an emergency and that's what I do. The guests appreciate someone with common sense behind the front desk at a time like that.

Nadege said...

I watched all your videos. Just amazing and very scary. I hope you can sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow morning to calm weather.

Ron said...


We just had a tornado hit very close by. One house totally destroyed and fifteen damaged. Too close for comfort. It's been raining hard since two this afternoon. It's almost 10:30 now. I'm afraid to go to sleep lest a tornado tears the roof off of the house.

Iberostar said...

We're thinking of you. Hope everyone is safe. Mike is from Claymont!!
Janice and Mike

Ron said...

Hi Janice and Mike,

We're fine here now. A few broken limbs and flattened plants but otherwise just fine. I haven't checked my roof yet. Thankfully we didn't lose our power. My friend Larry who is also from Claymont lost his power while we were talking on FaceBook. I hope you all are doing well.