Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hungry Hummingbirds

All is well here now.  Thank goodness!  Bill and I took a ride around our development as well as the development next to us.  Some major tree damage but otherwise we basically dodged a big one.  I didn't even have any roof shingles blow off like I did this past spring during a heavy windstorm.

The windy remnants of Irene are still here, breaking up my too big knock-out rose bushes outside my sunroom windows.  They needed trimmed back anyway.

Bill and I ventured out of our development (no, we didn't seek the permission of the AUTHORITIES - hear that Wayne?) and took a drive to the town of Milton to inspect our friend Bob C.'s house to make sure there was no damage (there wasn't).  We saw his neighbor M.J.  She smiled and waved at us.  Life is getting back to normal.

The video posted is of our hungry hummingbirds.  Irene totally messed up their food source which is plentiful around the house.  I make sure I plant a lot of flowers that are humming bird friendly and they know it.  They come back here every summer to lay their eggs and raise their little ones, all the while feeding off of our salvia and impatience plants.  Irene's tropical downpour has temporarily cut off that food source for our diminutive avian friends.  That's all right, we have plenty of humming bird nectar to supplement their natural food source.

The sun is out but the winds are still blowing, with gusts up to thirty mph.  Life is slowly getting back to normal.

Does it feel like a Sunday to you?  It doesn't to me either.


Tiger Chanter said...

Glad that you two are safe. It's almost over up here for us, and other than some branches down and some minor flooding there's been nothing major here. TTFN!

Ron said...

I'm glad you're all right. We have some branches some minor flooding too. An old couple in the development behind me had four of their big trees come down, one right in front of their door. The sun is out now and life is getting back to normal. TG!