Friday, August 26, 2011

Waiting for Irene

We await Irene.  The weather today is deceptively calm. I guess you could really say this is "the calm before the storm."

I took this video a few hours ago to show what my lovely impatiens look like.  This flowers will be no more after Irene arrives.

I just heard on the news that Mayor Bloomberg ordered a mandatory evacuation of all lower areas of New York City.  Delaware governor Markel has ordered mandatory evacuation of all areas of coastal Delaware. Guess what folks?  That's where we live.  We're staying here.  Bill says if it gets too bad we can always get in our car for protection.

Bill and I dragged the generator from our shed, down through our grass to the garage.  Bill revved it up.  It's working. We'll have enough backup power to keep our refrigerators and freezers going.  That's all we need. It would be nice if we don't lose power but I fully expect to lose power.

I'll keep blogging until we lose power.


Mark said...

It may end up being a big dud.

Unknown said...

As a Katrina survivor who did evacuate and lived, please reconsider your decision. But if you do stay remember that generators will run about 6 hours on a tank of gas, so be sure you have many 5 gallon cans of gas on hand.
Fill your bathtub with water for cooking (propane) and flushing the toilet. Have all your important papers in one place so when you do have to leave, you can just pick them up and go. We keep a 'go' box with all those papers in it.
I tend to think that Irene will not be as powerful as Katrina, but leaving is better than staying. And fergawd's sake don't try to ride it out in the car!

Amanda said...

It is too bad you cannot put Bill's car in the garage too.
I hope somehow that it won't be as bad as you think. Your beautiful impatiens and garden are just so gorgeous... but if they are gone after Irene, They will grow back pretty fast. I have never been in a hurricane so I am living it through your posts and pictures.
I just hope you are both safe.

Ron said...


A heavy rain will wipe out the impatience. That usually happens every summer. This summer has been especially bad for these beautiful but delicate plants because of the prolonged extreme heat. The past week or so the heat wave finally abated and the impatience took off. Unfortunately they only have one more day to live. The heavy rains will beat them down tomorrow.

I will continue to post through the hurricane as long as the power lasts. Of course you understand I would rather this be a boring late summer weekend instead of this drama. I'm in the mode now of "just getting through it." Sun is forecast for all next week. I hope we get a pass on Irene. Wouldn't disappoint me at all.

Ron said...


Thank you for your advice. I do have all my important papers (birth certificate, etc) in a suitcase ready to grab in case we have to leave in a hurry. We have a 5 gallon can of gasoline for the generator and will take more out of our cars if we need it. We have water set aside if we need it. We won't cook food. We'll eat cold. We don't eat that much anyway. If the worst does happen; I am 69 and Bill is 83. We've both lived a good long life. I'm looking at treatment for prostate cancer (my second PSA test came back at it was still high). We're two miles from the water. If we were closer then I would really be worried. I'm pretty worried as it is. Thank you for your advice.

Ron said...

I hope so Mark!