Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sometimes You Stumble

Find a Grave Memorial for George A. Gift
Notice the irony that Mr. Gift was born on Christmas Eve and died near Christmas

This morning I was busily updated my Find a Grave account with the information I gathered on hundreds of graves last week in New London, Pennsylvania.  Why I like being a Find a Grave contributor is that I am doing something that will last long after I'm gone; I am putting the photos and information on the final resting place of individuals on the Internet.  Many times friends and family can't visit the graves of their loved ones and sometimes don't even know where the grave is.  With the new Digital Age and the thousands of Find a Grave volunteers, we are able to put all this information on the Internet at no cost to anyone who wants to see it.

So much on the Internet these days has a cost attached to it, even information about obituaries and graves.  I am a firm believer that information like this should be available at no cost.  We already have enough Internet millionaires who appear on "Millionaire Matchmaker", we don't need a more.

So here I was this morning working away at posting all this information and then I come across a memorial like this.  Of course someone always misses the departed.  But sometimes there is an inscription on the final resting place that causes me to stop and choke up.  This was one of those memorials.


nitewrit said...


Yes, this one is poignant. Especially the "Love you babe at the end."

I just posted for the first time since before the storm knocked everything off. I hope you will read it. This one is called, "Freedom!" I expect to get some more on today.


Ron said...

Glad you're back on Lar! I'll read your posting later today. I'm catching up now.