Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Short One

Me with our tour guide outside Cades Cove, Tennessee this past May

Just a short post today.  I have to get ready for work so I don't have a long time to ramble on (which should be a relief to some of my readers!)

I go to work tonight again (third evening in a row).  Last night was crazy at the hotel.  Several guests need that top notch quality service that only Ron can offer (I am a gem and I know it).

I spent all morning "relaxing" by updating my Find a Grave account and  I also made a call to the wife of a distant relative after I discovered her husband had died earlier this year.  He had helped me a lot on one branch of the family tree and I was going to give him a call next week.  While I was going through the Johnson City, Tennessee obituaries updating my records there was his obituary!  What a way to find out that my friend James Tipton had died.  We had a long conversation and it got quite emotional at times.  She told me he knew something was wrong with him and he refused to stay in the hospital because he didn't want to die alone in a hospital.  So he pulled all the tubes out of him and went home.  He died at home several weeks later. So sad but that is the way I would want to go.

Do you see what I'm doing again?  I'm talking about death.  I meant for this blog post to be a "short one" which was a picture of me and a local guy from our trip down south last year.  That's the picture at the top of this blog.

Bill were going to visit Cades Cove Tennessee.  The night before we stayed at very primitive (for me anyway) lodgings right outside the park.  The next day before we were to go in we saw a replica of "how they used to live."  So we stopped in for a visit (a $5.00 donation was requested.)  Well, it was well worth it because this gentleman took us on a guided tour of all the replica homes.  I'll post those pictures tomorrow.  But I wanted to post this picture of me with him.  He was such a happy guy that he made me and Bill smile a lot.  We still have good memories of him.  And he's a grandpa!


Anonymous said...

Now this is really a hard one for me to accomplish and by now you should be fasting for your bloodwork... everything will work out fine.....

Instead of asking your self over and over agian why why why about any situation, recognize it and start to ask your self ok what am i going to do about it to be better."

nitewrit said...


Was thinking of you last night during these vicious storms we had. Perhaps they didn't hit down there, but I know you had to work and I know you hate driving in the rain, so was hoping you weren't on the road during either.

Have fingers and toes crossed about your test this Friday. Praying too, whether you like that idea or not. But that's me.


Pumpkin Delight (Kimberly) said...

Ugh,what a story.
Good thoughts to you today!

Ron said...


I'm alright. I finished my blood test. I don't know how long before I hear something. In the meantime, life goes on.

Ron said...


I missed the rain. In fact, we didn't have any rain down here. Threatening but no wet stuff.

Ron said...


These stories are depressing. I try not to write about them but when I sit at my computer with all good intentions, these days these stories come out. I'm okay though. Now I await the results of my retesting.