Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring - Not There Yet

"Where are you Spring?"

The calendar may say "Spring" but believe me, we're not there yet.  At least down here in Lower Slower.

Last night when I left work that relentless winter wind hit me with cold familiarity as I checked to make sure the doors were locked on the outside before I got into my Subaru and left for my warm home. I am SO TIRED of this cold.  Has this been the longest winter or what?  At least the sun is out today, unlike the past two, gray, cold, damp days of winter.  My friend Bill B. in Pennsylvania tells me THEY HAVE ANOTHER COATING OF SNOW.  Please.

I am so ready for spring and the warm weather and all the outdoor activity that goes with it.  One thing I had to get out of the way and I did that earlier this week.  My colonoscopy appointment is scheduled for the end of April.  THAT is one procedure that I am not looking forward too.  Oh, the actual colonoscopy is  nothing because I'm knocked out.  Actually, that is sort of fun.  The bad thing is (as anyone who has had a colonoscopy knows) is the preparation the night before.  All that gunky liquid that I have to drink and the running to the bathroom every ten minutes.  Five years sure does seem to roll around awfully fast.  But a colonoscopy is something I definitely have to get done.  My uncle and cousin both died of colon cancer.  They both didn't want to get colonoscopy because they didn't want to go through the indignity of (I'm quoting here) "...having someone put their finger up my ass."   Hey, no problemento here.  I like living.  I'll go through THAT indignity.  I've been through worse.

Where the 'invasion" happens at the end of April

Today I had a very pleasant lunch at Bob Evans with my friends Jack and Paul.  I haven't seen them in several months.  We've all been in a winter hibernation mode.  Just staying out of the cold and trying to be warm.  The older I (we) get, the more the cold hurts.  Now I understand why old people move to Florida.

Paul and Jack

Me, Paul and Jack (you think I'm going to let myself out of a picture?)

Some of my friends may disdain me eating at Bob Evans but I'll tell you what.  The food is good, the price is reasonable (about half of what I paid at one of the tourists eateries on the main strip in Rehoboth last Friday night) and the service is excellent.  I'm still upset over the so-called Chicken Quesadilla that I got last week.  For $14.95 I got a chicken WRAP filled with a tasteless, tough chicken.   And this is supposed to be an authentic Mexican restaurant.  Hey folks, a quesadilla is two tortillas filled with a chicken or other filling then lightly fried in a frying pan or stone grill (as this particular restaurant likes to tout) with seasoned chicken (or other meat) filling and cheese.  What I had last week was a WRAP.  HELLO?  I won't be going back. Especially now that the season is on in Rehoboth.  Friday night in Rehoboth?  I need those crowds?  Kids?  High prices?  Parking problems?  Pre-cooked, tasteless food?  No one to blame, totally my fault for getting sucked into the tourist trap restaurant.  I won't be going back.  Don't look for me.  Hello Bob Evans.  I like the Cracker Barrel too. I would go more to the Cracker Barrel if it wasn't for all the screaming kids.

Triangles fellows...triangles not a WRAP!

I haven't heard any more from 'Mutt and Jeff' which is just as well.  I'm going to eliminate a lot of stress in my life and those two guys are a good place to start.  I just hope Jeff doesn't get in an automobile accident and hurt himself or someone else.  I called his nephew to request some from his family take his car keys away from him but he hasn't returned my call.

I've made two new friends this week.  One is a guy I met on Grindr.  If  you don't know what 'Grindr' is, then look it up.  Even though I haven't met this person yet, I feel a connection already.  Interesting that this is the first Asian I've connected with.  The other 'new friend' was a renewal of an old friendship from over thirty years ago.  We connected through Facebook (as I did my new friend through Grindr).  Both guys have their mental facilities intact so I won't be going through that stress.  I have my own mental issues as well as Bill's, I don't need anymore.  Florence Nightingale doesn't live here.

This morning I visited with my neighbor Barbara.  She is buying a new iPad and wanted my advice. I gave my whole hearted, unreserved recommendation for an iPad and any Apple product.  I am very happy with my iPhone, iMac and iPad.  I haven't received my new iPad yet but once I do we will be a two iPad household.  Bill and I have come so far in so little time.  Pretty good for two old dudes.

Spring, where is they warmth?


nitewrit said...

So the invasion at the end of Ron begins at the end of April? That stop sign looks like it could use some medical attention. It is about to collapse.

Cold this morning on my walk. Ice on the trail and on the road. Passed a bad accident coming back, then saw it again on the noon news.

Had a miserable start today. Been working on a long post on the Night Writing Blog. Wanted to remove the last sentence I had written and somehow deleted everything...except that last sentence. Don't know if I have the strength to rewrite.

Did my death post on Elder Men.


Hanuman Das said...

Grindr?!! Still waters run deep? ;)

Ron said...

Only interested in friends Hanuman, not sexual liaisons. I may be looking for love in all the wrong places. You think?

Ron said...

Isn't that frustrating when you do a long post and all the juices are flowing just right and you hit the wrong key and everything is gone in a "pfft!" I've had that happen more than once. Sometimes I try to rewrite it but it never comes out the same the second time around. It usually loses some of its 'oomph!"

Ur-spo said...

I love Bob Evans, and miss it so - none out here!
I have to snicker a bit when I hear men (straight ones) shudder and gasp at the notion of a prostate or colon exam. I get to gently goad them they are big babies.

Ron said...

The straight men do seem to have a problem with prostate exams or anything to do with THAT 'area.' Little or nothing embarrasses meat this time of my life let alone saving my life by a timely exam.