Monday, March 28, 2011

My Brother Isaac

Brothers Ronald and Isaac Tipton 1945

I have two brothers.  I am the oldest followed by my brother Isaac who is a year and a half younger than me.  Then there is my youngest brother John, who is 2 1/2 years younger than me.  

This is the first of several parts of a posting about my brother Isaac.  I was going to have one large post but my posts have gotten so big lately that I have decided to shorten my posts.  If I have more to say, then I will do additional posts.  

I am one of those very lucky children who has brothers.  I'll admit that growing up I wasn't too thrilled (at times) that I had brothers.  After all, I was the oldest and this 'heir to the crown' or crown prince so to speak.  Now that I have matured I have gotten over my selfishness and sibling rivalry and realize how fortunate I am to have two such brothers as I have.

Of course we all have totally different personalities.  We don't even look alike.  The older I get the more I look like my father (which upon first discovery somewhat disconcerted me because my father and I never had a close relationship but that is a subject for a different blog posting).  

My father's name was Isaac.  When I was born he wanted to name me Isaac, Jr.  My Mother was vehemently against that idea.  She said "You're not going to name any of our children that ugly name!"  So my father relented because Mom was the boss of our family, and I was named after Ronald Coleman, the movie actor popular at the time I was born (1941).  

When my brother was born a year and a half later, my father wanted to name him Isaac, Jr.  This time my Mother relented.  How ironic because my brother is so much like my father!  In fact, both of them were blonde (I have very dark brown hair, I take after my Mother.)  

Growing up we had the typical 'Oldest Child, Middle Child, Youngest Child' factor .  Being the oldest, I was the favorite of my Mother.  Yes, I was a "Mama's Boy."  I plead guilty.  Isaac, being the middle child, tended to get overlooked.  Our youngest brother, John, was my father's pet, which I greatly resented.  

Now that we are adults, I am very proud to state that we are all the best of friends.  Even though Isaac, John and I have differing political views and they are straight and I am gay, we are not only brothers, we are best friends.  In fact they are my BEST FRIENDS.  Know why? Because no matter what I say or do they will ALWAYS be my brothers and always have unconditional love for me and I will have for them.  

I love my brothers, especially Isaac.

Brothers Isaac and Ron Tipton March 13, 2011


Mark said...

Nice. Plus, Isaac could probably now squash you like a bug if you piss him off.
Your Friend, m.

Vương Tử Trực said...

Your youngest brother, John is the most handsome! (I saw him in other post) Hehehe, sorry Ron!

Ron said...

You got that EXACTLY right!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy the pictures of long ago days. :-) My mother lost all in a fire in 1990 so it reminds you how precious memories are.

Ron said...

My youngest brother John will be very glad that you think he is the most handsome of the Tipton Boys. He's always said that anyway!

Ron said...

One of my goals when my Mother started exhibiting signs of dementia was to get all of the old family pictures and scanned them into my computer. I have most of them scanned and backed up three ways. I am sorry you lost all of your family pictures in a fire. That was always my fear, losing all the family pictures. Now what I want to do is post as many of them as I can to the Internet so all my family can have them forever, even after I'm gone.

paradykes said...

I love old pictures. I really need to go through my moms and scan them in. My grandfather is 96 and has tons of pictures, I wish he would spend a day telling me exactly who is in each one but he travels so much it's hard to get time with him.

Ron said...

Get those old pictures from your grandfather! See him, corner him. He is a treasure. Too soon he will be gone. I missed so many opportunities with some of my older relatives just because I was too busy. I will always regret that I didn't have time to visit my great Aunt Grace who was my maternal grandmother's sister. My grandmother died when my mother was only one year old. So much valuable family history was lost when I neglected to visit my Aunt Grace when I found out she was alive at 93 years old and in good memory living nearby in a nursing home. I had never met her and I had the opportunity and failed to take it. Please, please, please make pain out of yourself and visit your grandfather. Don't be shy!