Sunday, March 27, 2011

Separated at Birth?

Ever see those separated at birth pictures?  I was having a little fun with my iMac PhotoBooth this morning and I took this 'interesting' picture of myself.  By the way, this is further proof of what a secure, gay man that I am that I would take my handsome (if old) visage and distort it for laughs (tongue in cheek here folks, I'M NOT SERIOUS)!  I sent this picture to my friend Lar and his immediate reaction was:

Larry wrote:

"You look like one of the more dissipated Baldwin brothers."

Take a look folks.  Don't we (me and Stephen that is) look like we've been separated at birth?
With my PhotoBooth picture distortion, I have that same goofy look that Stephen Baldwin is stuck with for his WHOLE LIFE.  Thank goodness I don't have his bass-ackwards look on life too.  What a douche.

My lips are better


Mark said...

That's too funny! Yeah, Stephen is a real mess.

Ron said...

I agree with you, Stephen is f__cked up BIG TIME. He also thinks gays can be cured. After looking at his puckered mug, I would say that would be a possibility. Imagine if he was the last man on earth...would you? I WOULDN"T!

Ron said...

One of my FB friend said I looked like Ron Perleman after a bad automobile accident. I would say she hit the nail on the head.

Ur-spo said...

lay off the herbals; they are bad on your complexion !

Ron said...

No way Spo! I have a good complexion. I always have. Just a few more wrinkles now.