Saturday, March 19, 2011

Something Positive

"Skippy" with David

Time for a positive post after that very dark posting last night.  I was so upset last night I just had to write it all down and get it out of my system.  The ending of my close friendship with Bob and Jim has been brewing for a long time, it just came to a culmination last night.  If I happen to run into them during my rounds down here in southern coastal Delaware, I will say "Hello" to them but I am ceasing to socialize with them anymore.  They're having trouble just managing their daily existence and I have my own issues my managing my daily existence as well as Bill's.  Thank God Bill doesn't have dementia or acts like Jim.  I would really go bonkers then.

Today I'm posting two pictures of friends of mine with their 'best friends.'

The first is of my friend David who lives in Milton.  Bill took me to the Food Lion market in Milton yesterday and I happen to see David loading the back of his SUV with groceries so I stopped and visited for a few minutes.  While visiting David, he little pooch "Skippy" joined the conversation.  Skippy is nine years old which I think in Dog Years is 63.  That means he was the 'youngster' in this group because David and I are both older than Skippy!

Bailey, Jane and Jane's grandson (whose name I do not know but will find out)

This is a picture of my neighbor Jane and her little dog "Bailey" and her grandson. Bill and I were headed out of our development this morning for our weekly Thrift Shop Expedition when we saw Jane and her dog and grandson coming down the road to visit Marty, another neighbor. Since I already had a picture of my friend David and his dog, I thought I would take another 'dog' picture to provide a theme for this POSITIVE posting.  

I tried to get more People and Dog pictures this morning but none were available.  These are the kind of pictures you can't plan, they have to be spontaneous.  Thus, only TWO pictures on this blog.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day on this fine, if still somewhat chilly, pre-Spring day!  


Don Voth said...

BOTH of those are GREAT pictures! I would think they'd want to frame them!!!

Larry, aka The Kid and The Old Goat said...


Ah, yes, spring is lurking both several hours away now. Yesterday was very nice and warm, but I had to work all day and then do a public performance that night and never got outside much. This morning was 50, but was chill, a bit of a wind. I tried a new trail and once again got lost in the woods. I had planned a short jaunt and it became an hour and a half and I knew not where I was.

Anyway, it is nice to not be freezing, but I don't trust March. Give it a week and we'll have snow again.


Ron said...

Thanks Don! Both are iPhoto pictures!

Ron said...

I don't trust March either Larry. Especially when I lived in Pennsylvania. In fact I didn't trust April or May either!

Tiger Tsuki said...

I'm glad that you're more upbeat today! Enjoy what's left of your weekend!

Ron said...

Thank you Tiger! Bill and I are going Cemetery Hopping today, one of our favorite activities! Actually, it's taking pictures for Find a Grave requests that I've accumulated over the past few cold months. I'm looking forward to getting out in the sunshine and enjoying the peacefulness of cemeteries.

Rick said...

What a great photo of the dog licking its face.

Ron said...

Bailey always has a busy tongue.