Thursday, March 10, 2011

Entertainment at the Philadelphia Flower Show

I'm still on the Philadelphia Flower Show theme.  Below is a little video of some of the French flavored entertainment at the flower show.  Now that I've posted it, it doesn't seem that interesting but I found it fascinating that I could record this high definition video from my iPhone.  

Philadelphia Flower Show Entertainment

I arrived at the flower with my Cannon Sure Shot 560 digital camera.  I also had along my Flip video camera.  I didn't use the Flip video camera at all.  I didn't need it.  I used the Canon a few time but I actually didn't need it either.  I can do all my digital and video picture taking with my iPhone!  And it also has a GPS.  Know what else it has?  Something called "Grindr."  I'll let you figure that one out.  It sure does have my interest.

It's raining hard outside now.  I just returned from work at the hotel about a half an hour ago.  I earned my money tonight.  I was only in a half an hour and I got a call from Room 115.  They wanted their room cleaned, "Send somebody over from housekeeping!"  Well folks, that 'somebody' is moi.  Apparently there was a miscommunication earlier in the day and housekeeping got the message that 115 didn't want any 'service.' Well, they wanted it now.  

So I troop over there and there is the WHOLE FAMILY, dog included.  Oh lovely.  Dad gathers the Little Princess up and wifey, and they take off and leave me with the family dog, Bruce.  This is Bruce.

I took this picture while I was making the family bed.  Thank God Bruce was a mild mannered Golden Retriever.  The next tenants are bring their BULLDOG with them.  Oh Lordy, I dodged a bullet on this one.  

Well, I finished the room and smelled like slept in human sheets the rest of the night.  I earned my $10.75 an hour tonight.  

Just another day in the Life of Ron or as my friend Don calls it, "My Life as a Saga" (and he's worried that he's going to run out of things to write about on his blog?)  



nitewrit said...


Couple of things I didn't understand, for instance this statement: "Well, I finished the room and smelled like slept in human sheets the rest of the night."

And why, "Thank God Bruce wasn't a mild mannered Golden Retriever?" I would think you would want a mild-mannered dog if you had to be alone with it.

The video said it wasn't available. I'll try later and see if it is.


Ron said...

I meant to say Bruce WAS a mild manner Golden Retriever. I'll go back and correct that. Also, after handling sheets that someone else slept in, my clothing smelled like I rolled in those sheets, which I actually did. Plus, the rain didn't help when I left the room to go to the main building with the dirty sheets. Not a good night.