Saturday, March 12, 2011

Reunion With Old Friends

My surprise birthday party November 9, 1979

Tonight I had dinner with two old friends I haven't seen in over twenty years.  Actually I think it's been almost thirty years.  Hard to believe but I think the last time I saw them was at my 38th birthday party in 1979 at my friend Big Bob's single wide on his twenty-two wooded acres outside of Georgetown.

Pictured above is me cutting my birthday cake at my surprise birthday party (and it really was a surprise, my first and last.)  My friend Howard is the red headed (and bearded) guy to my immediate right.  Pictured above is Howard today.

Tommy, Howard and me - 32 year reunion!

I was so happy to see my friends after all these years.  We had so many good times back in our happy and carefree days of the Seventies (which were our best years!)  

I have to admit that I didn't recognize my friend Howard.  It wasn't until he spoke that I recognize his unique Sussex County accent which is like none other in this country.  It is a mixture of southern drawl and I don't know what else but it is unique.  Howard may have changed physically but his personality hasn't changed one iota.  He is still a very upbeat and happy guy, just the kind of person I like as a friend.

I looked for an earlier picture of my friend Tommy from that same Seventies period but apparently I haven't scanned them on my computer yet.  One of the few pictures that I haven't scanned.  Well, take my word for it I recognized my friend Tommy right away.  About the only thing that changed with Tommy is that his full head of hair is now white and cut short.  Other than that he still has that same sparkle in his eyes even though he is 81 years old now!

Bob, Jim and me 1980

My friends Bob, Jim and Bart tonight at Zorba's

However, for the past thirty years I have been in contact with my friends Bob, Jim and Bart.  I've seen them age gradually over the years (as I have.)

While I enjoyed our reunion tonight one thing is for sure, this will be the last thirty year reunion!  We're all just a bunch of Old Geezers now.  How did that happen?

Old Geezer's Club 2011 


Don Voth said...

Ron, You're the youngest looking one in the group!

Ron said...

Thank you Don, you're very kind! Just don't get too close to me or else you'll see the ravages of times with those bags under my eyes.

nitewrit said...


Looks like seating was made to order.


D said...

Thanks for sharing the stories and pictures the last couple of days... it really took me back to my swinging twenties in Philly and remembering some old friends and some good times.

Ron said...

My 'swinging twenties" was in the Sixties. Now those were the days! Those were still the Dark Ages of gay night life. Things didn't start to change until Stonewall in 1969. I wasn't at Stonewall that night but I was in a gay bar in Philly when it happened and heard all about it. News traveled fast even in those days before Facebook.

Ur-spo said...

I was going to post/comment something when your blog started playing Watermark. It is my favorite emotional tune - taking me back to so many happy memories. I thank you for this.

Ron said...

I'm not familiar with that tune 'Watermark.' I chose music by the sound that make me feel good at that particular moment. I frequently make changes to my music playlist as my moods change; adding, changing or removing altogether. I'm glad I added music that made you feel good.