Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Sunday Visit

Ron and Bill's former home in Pennsylvania

Below is an copy e-mail that I sent out this morning to some of my friends referring them to my blogger friend Mark's posting today of his visit with me and Bill last Sunday and my former home in Pennsylvania.

Aerial view of our former home in Pennsylvania

This past Sunday I met one of my blogger buddies at our old home in Downingtown.  As you may or may not know, the owners of our former home in East Brandywine Township abandoned the property over a year ago.  The home went into foreclosure and was sold at a sheriff's sale this past October.  I don't know who owns it now.  

As you can see from the pictures, the property hasn't been taken care of since then and has fallen into disrepair which causes Bill and I a great deal of pain.  It probably shouldn't but it does.  We built that property up from an overgrown woodland to a little Shangra-la when we sold it to a buy from Florida in November of 2006.  

My blogger buddy (Mark) brought his six year old twin sons (Jacob and Joshua) along with him during his visit.  As you can see my friend Mark in an EXCELLENT photographer.   It was so good to hear the laughter of those two young boys as they ran around the property, exploring and finding strange new things.  Oh how I wish someone like those two children and a family would buy our former home and bring it back to live again.

Enjoy Mark's wonderful pictures and I hope viewing them will bring some of the joy to you as it did to me and Bill when we spent a few wonderful hours with Mark and his sons this past Sunday at our former home in Pennsylvania.  

The 'icing on the cake' was when I took Mark and his sons (Jacob and Joshua) out to lunch at the Brickside Grill in Eagelview, there was a magician entertaining the kids!  All the years I've been to the Brickside Grill I never saw a magician.  The gods were smiling on us that day!


Road leading to our former home in Pennsylvania

I sent the e-mail with a link to Mark's blog posting of his visit with Bill and me this past Sunday.  Mark takes beautiful pictures and he captured many 'moments' with his excellent photography of that visit.  Plese visit Mark's blog posting by clicking on this link "Retired in Delaware" for a full recounting of that visit.

I wish I would win the lottery because then I would buy our former home back and give it to Mark and his family so they could live at that beautiful Shangra-la of a home we had on the wooded hillside of East Brandywine Township in Pennsylvania.  This is truly a home that has 'potential.'  Joyous laughter once reigned there and it can again.

Jacob and Joshua playing

Thanks Mark for the visit and the wonderful post.  I'm glad we're friends.

Ron and Mark


Tony said...

hi ron! was led to your blog by mark's post, and so glad i found it. living in los angeles and wondering where i am going to move to, so i love reading about other's lives. your old home looked truly beautiful, and i could imagine living in such a green and homey place, especially if i had built it! mark's post of his visit with his son's in wonderful, and i look forward to reading you as well. best-tony

Mark said...

Ron, if you won the lottery and bought that house for our Family, I would insist that you and Bill move in with us. But don't worry for us, we'll find our way just like you two have.
Your Friend, m.

Ron said...

Oh no Mark., you wouldn't want to live with me. You've old the old canard about old guys 'set in their ways?" That's me BIG TIME! I would be a pain to live with. Believe me. I appreciate the sentiment though.

Ur-spo said...

the last photo was the best of the bunch.

Ron said...

I'm here to tell you this this Mark guy is ONE NICE GUY! I guess I'm a cynic at heart because I usually expect someone who I've been in contact with my mail or otherwise to be totally different when I meet them. That has happened to me in the past. Mark was the exception He is one gem of a person. And his boys were absolutely adorable. Last Sunday was a magic.