Saturday, March 05, 2011

Trolling the Thrift Shops

All Saint's Parish Thrift Shop Dewey Beach, DE

Bill and I have a new addiction, trolling the thrift shops.  I'll blame our good friend Bob C. for this latest addiction.  

Now one might ask, do two old gay guys who have been together for almost a century need anything else in their household?  That would be a good question.  In fact, if anything, we need to get rid of a lot of our 'stuff' like my blogger friend Mark H. of Harrisburg has been so diligently doing these past months.  Actually, I have been dumping a lot of our excess stuff at our favorite thrift store for several months now including a bathroom scale which we just bought last week that reads my weight wrong.  I know I only weigh 163 pounds but this damn scale says I weigh 169 pounds.  Just goes to show you can't trust the quality of all products made in China.  There is no way I weigh 169 pounds. 

So we headed our early this Saturday morning to hit each of the thrift stores on Rt. 1 beginning in Dewey Beach, then Rehoboth Beach and ending in Lewes.  Lots of thrift stores down here in LSD with all of us old retired folks.  Lots of Guatemalans to pick up the bargains.  Hey, I'm glad to help.  By the way, for some reason I can't explain our Hispanic population is mainly Guatemalans.  

So here is the pictorial Tour of the Thrift Stores on this cloudy Saturday morning

It looks like something illicit is going on here

Do I need another painting?

Bill's going in for the kill in the electronics section

"Please take  us home with you!"

Knick knacks, remember them?  Your Mom used to load up the shelves with them.

Ladies who have been around the block a few times (one obviously had a good time and the other is somewhat the worse for wear)

Chairs for that next group therapy session

The Beebe Medical Center Thrift Store - canes,walkers, bedpans

Impressive display - a decorator's touch is evident

Can you tell I have a soft spot of Teddy Bears?  I still have all mine

I almost took this one home (but I couldn't figure how to smuggle it past Bill)

Bill hits pay dirt!

Sure, they weren't even open at 10:45 am - we didn't go in

The New Life Thrift Store - a consortium of churches - has the biggest selection

Lots of turnover at New Life Thrift - in and out all day

"I need some loving."

Encore Thrift Store - my favorite - where I make all my deposits

Encore Thrift has the theatrical flair

Ready for Easter!

My take today - my favorite Platzgraff bowls, a crystal single serving dish and two biographies that just came in -  today was a success!


nitewrit said...


Have you taken any defective mirrors to a Thrift Store? I think I should. The reflection is of an old man and I know that can't be me.

Hmm, you say the Encore is your favorite disposal point and the next picture you show a frilly red gown. Been parading some red carpets lately ?



Ron said...

Hey! I also have those defective mirrors. They're the next to go. Thanks for reminding me.

I would have picked up that red gown. It is SO ME. Alas, my waist size exceeds that gown's dimensions.

By the way, I got called into work again tonight. With all this dining out I need to replenish my Dine Out Budget Funds.

Hanuman Das said...

All we have around here is Goodwill and Salvation Army. Feh....

Ron said...

We have a lot of retirees and older folk around here who have a lifetime of accumulation of things they want/have to get rid of. We're a regular treasure trove for the many thrift shops. Plus we have a large immigrant population who does our lawns and work in the chicken factories who need cheap things. It's a win-win.

Cubby said...

I didn't know thrift shops had electronics sections. I'm getting ready to throw away a bunch of old hard disks. There is nothing wrong with them, and they've been properly wiped. They are just old and low capacity. No one would possibly pay more than 50 cents for them, so I was going to send them to the landfill. Now maybe I'll see about giving them to a thrift store where maybe someday someone like Bill can find a use for them.

Ron said...

Good choice Cubby! Yes, all the thrift shops have electronics sections now. I guess with the advent of computers, they need a home.

Ur-spo said...

I love thrift and antique stores! When I visit The Best Friend, going to our favorites is one of the highlights of the visit.

Ron said...

This is a recently acquired habit Spo. We're liking it a lot.

Unknown said...

Stumbled across your blog. You crack me up! I also love that someone else loves thrift stores. Have you been the Cheer Center Thrift store in Georgetown yet? Also, the Goodwill in Milford usually has some good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ron, I'm new to your blog and I wanna thank you for posting all of your top pick thrift shops in your area. I am a live in care provider up in Havre de Grace, Maryland and next month I will be taking a much needed 7 day break and because I wanted to stay locate I chose Bethany Beach. So, since I live to treasure hunt, I hit Google and searched for thrift stores in Rohoboth Beach and your blog was the first thing that caught my eye! Again, thank you for making my search so convenient and friendly! I'll let you know what goodies I find : )

Ron said...


Good luck on your thrift shop tour. We have a lot of great thrift shops in the Rehoboth and Lewes area. Lots of old folks down here. I've got a lot of great buys.


Unknown said...

Hi Ron, I am new to DE and Lewes, and me and my teenage children love to visit thrift stores, but our biggest problem is that my son is in a wheelchair, and it is hard to find places big enough for him to get into, so if you have any ideas or know some places, we are all eyes :D