Monday, November 05, 2012

The Love of My Life - Part 3

Continuing my ongoing Eighties drama where I met this gorgeous, sexy, homeless guy named Brad.

Brad moved into my center city Philadelphia Spruce Street fourth floor walk up apartment.  We lived together in that little fourth floor apartment during the week.  Bill lived at our uncompleted house thirty-seven miles away in Chester County, Downingtown, Pennsylvania.

I soon discovered that Brad was addicted to pills, both uppers and downers.  He also smoked pot regularly.  He asked me to join him in toking a joint.  I demurred because I was so afraid that I would start smoking cigarettes again.  Besides the only high I needed was being with Brad, in spite of all his demons.

I asked Brad to go with me on my annual trek to that gay Mecca, Provincetown, Massachusetts.  I had been going to Provincetown every summer since 1974.  I always went by myself save one time that Bill went with me.  He didn't like "P-town" and stayed in his room at the Best Western our whole week.  I was looking forward to Brad going with me.  Also, my best friend (at that time) Bob would also be in Provincetown the same week with his current boyfriend Nino.  We would meet them there.

July rolled around and Brad and I were off to Provincetown in a plane out of Philadelphia International.  In Boston we switched over to the commuter plane to Provincetown.  We landed at P-town airport in gorgeous weather which continued our whole week.

The video I posted is of part of our stay.  The first day, I rented a couple of bikes and Brad and I were off to the National Seashore Bike Trail.  I always biked by myself before, it was nice to have compnay.

On Day Two, we took a cruise out on the bay.  I brought wine and cheese with me.  We imbibed.  Bob had a little too much vino and threw my cooler in the bay.  He said "What the fuck is this? A gay picnic?"  Joking of course.  Old Butch Bob.  Once we touched land, Bob stripped off his shirt and retrieved my styrofoam $1.99 cooler.  Of course it wasn't a problem because the bay is only a foot deep about 500 yards out.  Lots of laughs, which is what vacation is all about.

By the way, the music that accompanies this video "It Feels Like Love" by Kelly Marie I will ALWAYS associate with those gay, happy, carefree summer days in P-Town.  Listening to this song warms my heart and brings a smile to my face, evoking memories of a long time ago that will never go away.  Enjoy!

To be continued:


nitewrit said...


I don't know? This has all the earmarks of something that doesn't end well. Interesting, though.


Ron said...


You're very perceptive. No, this little fling doesn't end well.