Thursday, November 15, 2012

Prostrate Problems

I made a call this morning to arrange an appointment with my urologist.  Yes, it was about this time a year ago that my VA doctor informed me I had a high PSA score and perhaps I would want to check in with a urologist.  I did and to make a long story short, I decided not to go the route of having an instrument stuck up my nether regions to take twelve chunks of flesh out of my walnut sized prostrate to check the possibility if I had prostate cancer.  In fact, my urologist gave me a warning up front "A man you age, even if you do have prostrate cancer will probably die from another cause."  

After getting over the shock of the "a man your age" comment ("You talking to me?") I considered going down that route.  Then I did some checking and decided not to go down that route.  Then I did some more checking and again decided to go down that route.  I was scheduled for the procedure December 29th last year but again changed my mind after I attended a Christmas dinner and was introduced to a man who had his prostate  removed.  He's now wearing Depends. thank you.  I could even see his Depends through his clothes.  I won't go into all the side effects of this procedure which has proven not to be effective but I decided to monitor my PSA score.

My next blood test my score did go down.  Still over the 4.0 but not 8.4 like it was before.  Now it was 4.3.  

So here we are today.  Last week I noticed that about five minutes after I peed, I felt the need to pee again.  FIVE MINUTES!  So I did what any red blooded American does, I ignored it, hoping this new symptom would go away.  It hasn't.  Tuesday, Wednesday, and now Thursday, I feel like I have to take a Wicked Piss all the time.  Something definitely is NOT RIGHT.

So I talked myself into calling my urologist and making an appointment.  He can see me Monday. 

Now I'm not telling my blog readers all of this because I want to elicit your sympathy.  I don't want that.  Don't Cry For Me Argentina.  My theme song.  Also, I'm not telling you this because I want advice. Believe me, I get all kinds of advice.  Everyone's an expert, but this is my body.  I'm listening to it right now and it's saying "get this checked out."  

My situation reminds me of a quote I read in a book I just finished by the great American movie director (by way of Krakow, Poland and Vienna, Austria) Billy Wilder.  He tells the story of an old man who visited his urologist.  

The doctor to the old man: "Why are you here?"
The old man says: "I can't pee"
The doctor asks the old man: "How old are you?"
The old man says: "92"
The doctor says: "You peed enough."


Jon said...

It's probably a wise thing that you called your urologist and made an appointment. The frustrating thing is that every doctor has a different opinion (or so it seems) and you never know who is right.
My father went through the "prostate probe route" and it only seemed to make things worse.I guess it's best to use your own common sense.

Jeff said...

I just hope you didn't pee in that chair in the corner! Cancer is a scary thing. But you seem to have the right attitude and that, my friend, can make all the difference.

Buddy Bear said...

I loved the little joke at the end! LOL.

It might be chronic "prostatitis", an inflammation which can be treated with drugs. They might be able to do a "roto-rooter" procedure on your prostate which I'm sure is as unpleasant as it sounds...

But you are right to be concerned and to go to your urologist ASAP.

I'm 50 and my PSA levels in the past year have been 9.0, 6.0, 19.5 and 8.5, so your 4.3 sounds like "tiny taters" to me. I did go the needle biopsy route in October (14 samples!) and no cancer was detected.

My urologist at Canada's leading prostate centre was not particularly concerned but wants to see me every six months.

I wish you all the best, Ron!

anne marie in philly said...

spouse has an enlarged prostate and pees a lot; he's 53.

Ron said...

Anne Marie,

I've been lucky most of my life and haven't had this problem. I guess it was to be expected eventually, especially at my age (71) now.


Ron said...


Good advice. I pretty well determined that I don't want to go through the "prostate probe route" with little positive results. Two of my neighbors are going through that right now. This past year I've known of others who went that route and they are no better for it unless one of them did have prostate cancer and had their prostate removed. I think Buddy Bear has the answer, I have chronic "prostatitis" because my symptoms aren't don't fit into the prostate cancer category.


Ron said...


Don't worry, I can still hold my pee. It is annoying though to constantly have the feeling I have to pee. Hard to live with. No pain though, thank goodness.

I'm just being very careful about going down the "prostate probe route" with little positive results. I equate that with the bloodletting route that was the accepted medical practice for illness in the 18th and 19th centuries.


Ron said...

Buddy Bear,

I agree with you, I am pretty sure that I have chronic prostatitis. Those are my symptoms. I don't have pain, nor discoloration in my urine or the other symptoms of prostate cancer. I really don't want to go the "prostate biopsy route" if I can avoid it. It's not the pain, inconvenience of discomfort but I don't see that much good that comes that route and a lot of bad. I'm monitoring it. However, there is a change in my condition and I believe my body when it talks to me and that's why I'm going to see my urologist on Monday.


Ur-spo said...

goodness gracious; I turn my back for a few days and you go and do this.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,

Yep, I had a brief respite from my doctors' visits. I'm turning into my parents, visiting the doctors and keeping Medicare busy.


Harpers Keeper said...

Sounds like you are doing what you need to do to get all the info so you can make informed decisions about what is best for YOU. Good for you!

Ron said...

Harper's Keeper,

Just got back from my morning visit to my urologist. I'm set up for a biopsy January 28th. See my blog posting today.