Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Me (with the hoagie), my Mom and my brother Isaac - 1954
This Thanksgiving is almost over but for the shopping.  Looking out from the back of my house I can see the stream of headlights of shoppers headed down Route 1 to the Rehoboth Outlet Malls and WalMart, which are open tonight.  Are you kidding?  I wish I was but I'm not.  You won't see me there.

Bill and I spent a quiet Thanksgiving here at home.  That's the way we usually pass the holiday.  A long time ago I used to get caught up in the tradition of making a big Thanksgiving dinner but since Bill and I don't eat that much, most of the food goes to waste.  It's not that I don't enjoy Thanksgiving, I do.  But I just can't get up the enthusiasm and energy to go through all of THAT for Thanksgiving.

Places set  for Thanksgiving Guests - 2006

For many years my longtime friend Bob had all us single (and married) gay men over to his house for a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner.  That was very nice of him and his partner Jim.  Very popular too.  Usually there were at least a couple dozen attendees at the Gay Single Man's Annual Thanksgiving Dinner.

Two-turkey Thanksgiving Dinner - 2006
The last time I went was 2006 when these pictures were taken.  Since then I've either had to work at the hotel (I didn't this year) or was a guest at my friend Bill B's house in Pennsylvania.  

That's me on the bottom with the baboon expression on my face (what was I thinking?)
I don't remember the last time I cooked a Thanksgiving meal just for me and Bill at home.  probably back when we lived in Pennsauken, New Jersey and that was in the early Sixties. For many years we ate at my Mother's.

Ham and conversation among old friends was also served at the Children's Table
And I think that is the answer why I really don't "do" Thanksgiving anymore, reminds me too much of my Mother. Mom died in 2010.  She had stopped making Thanksgiving dinners about four years before she died, when her mental capacities declined.  My friends Jim and Bob no longer do Thanksgiving dinners.  Without going into a lot of detail and protecting their privacy, they also have mental issues.  They can't handle it.  They can hardly handle their own lives which is a drama I am dealing with now.  

Hang on the good times guys, never know when it's going away - 2006

So folks, feeling just a little melancholy today. Not too bad but just a tinge of sadness.  

Not to veer too far off the subject.  Remember my "leg issue" of yesterday?  I hardly got any sleep last night, the pain was that excruciating.  Not as bad as passing a kidney stone but still the kind of pain that just wouldn't go away.  There was no position I could get in to alleviate the pain.  God, it was awful.  I finally fell asleep a few time but woke up early twisted and bent in pain.

I hobbled out to Bill (who always gets up at 4 am) with my cane.  He urged me to take a stronger pain killer.  Reluctantly I took one of his Excedrin Migrane pills, the ones they had off the market for a while because they wreck havoc with your stomach and invalidate your liver if you get hooked on them.  Well guess what folks?  It worked.  I've been pain free all day.  Stiff but pain-free.  Sort of like a Mitt Romney.  

Those pain pills only last twelve hours so I'll take one before I drift off to dreamland tonight.  I'm not going into work tomorrow or Saturday night, I have to take it easy on my leg, give it time to heal.  I think I'll be able to go into work on Sunday night though, albeit with my new "buddy", The Cane.  HERE COMES THE OLD MAN. 

I'm starting to ramble here folks so bear with me. As I said before, today was a beautiful, fall, crisp day here in southern Delaware.  A perfect day to get a head start on those Christmas decorations.  I didn't feel that either today folks.  I doubt if I will.  Christmas wasn't a big deal in our home so I don't get as sad about missing my Mother during that holiday as I do Thanksgiving.  I think why Thanksgiving always holds a special place in my heart was that was the first time I introduced My Bill to my parents after a year of two of estrangement with them after I came out.  Of course they loved Bill once they met him.  There were even times I suspected they liked Bill more than me. 

In closing (finally), I hope everyone who reads this blog had a wonderful Thanksgiving with their friends, family and loved ones including their faithful "kids", the critters (dogs and cats).  

Mom with her "friend" Rusty - a feral cat who got lucky


anne marie in philly said...

at my house, I did 2 loads of laundry, baked a key lime pie, knitted, read a book, surfed the net, listened to music, spent time with the cats, took a nap.

we went out for indian food; no huge to do here; I detest turkey and ham. and we had plenty of company at the restaurant, but none of the prep and cleanup.

and you won't catch me dead or alive at ANY stores (brick or cyber) on friday; I participate in "buy nothing day" every year.

take care of yourself and bill; smooches!

wcs said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Ron, to you and Bill. Your memories are rich and wonderful. I'm glad the pills worked for the pain; there's nothing worse than not being able to sleep because of pain. Ok, there probably is, but we won't go there! Enjoy the weekend and stay away from the malls!

nitewrit said...


We had a nice Thanksgiving. Lo did cook the big dinner and it was excellent. The daughters were here, Laurel after she got done working at the shelter. Darryl and Jackie stopped by briefly and then went up to her mother's above Philly for the dinner. I did take a couple photos. We talked, we laughed and we ate and watched the Ink Master Marathon.

Glad the Excedrin helped you leg.


Ron said...

Anne Marie,

Sounds like you had the kind of Thanksgiving that Bill and I have. I"m not against the big family gatherings, but I just feel like "doing my thing" on Thanksgiving. Nice to know I'm not the only one.

Oh no, you wont' catch me shopping today. OH NO.

BTW, talking to Dr. Spo (the dear() on FaceTime yesterday. He floated the idea of him and Someone visiting Delaware in the early spring and a get together of all our area blogger friends at same location. What do you think? Stay at the hotel and have a lunch or dinner at The Cajun's restaurant in Rehoboth for Our Gang? I think he said it was Cubby's idea. Sounds like a great idea to me! What do you think? Maybe we can coordinate out First Reunion with your stay at the hotel.


Ron said...

Thank you Walt! Oh yes, the pills did work for the pain. I'm still stiff but thank God the pain is gone. It was almost unbearable. There was no position I could get in to alleviate the pain. I did some research and it appears that I had tendonitis. I have to give it time to heal now.

BTW, could you send me your address? I would like to send you a Christmas card. I never sent one to France before. You can send it to my e-mail address which is :



Ron said...


I"m glad you had a nice family gathering and GOOD FOOD. I did miss the turkey but we don't eat that much anyway.

Talking and laughing is always good. That's what Thanksgiving is all about. Family and good times.

I'll call you later this morning.


Ur-spo said...

happy thanksgiving weekend old man.

Ron said...

Thank you son.

anne marie in philly said...

FUCK YEAH! now I am coming down in february; but I only live 3 hours away, so I can make time to drive back down there for spo and someone!

and yes, this is cubby's idea, not mine.

make it happen and this girl will be there!

anne marie in philly said...

postage for walt's card is $1.05, stamps MUST have a monetary amount on them (no forever stamps). I know this from mailing stuff overseas for my job.

anne marie in philly said...