Thursday, November 08, 2012


Hey folks!  I made another iMovie!  And this one isn't about me.

You all know how much I LOVE making iMovies.  I felt the need to make one celebrating the reelection of President Obama by the MAJORITY of our DIVERSE American voters.  Don't you just love the way democracy works?  Those men who wrote out Constitution a few hundred years ago knew what they were doing didn't they when they insured that an election couldn't be bought by a few wealthy millionaires are billionaires.

The people have spoken and Barack Obama is our president for another four years.  They have rejected the lies and false promises of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and the special interests who own them.

How ironic that the man who fooled the American public once, George W. Bush, actually was right when he said (and I quote exactly):

"Fool me once and uh, I can't get fooled again!"  

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