Saturday, November 24, 2012

Tis the Season

Me & Mom with my Christmas cards - Philadelphia - 1978
Doesn't it seem like we just celebrated Christmas a few months ago?  I don't know about you, but when I was a kid I could wait for Christmas to get here.  It seemed like there was about 18 months between Christmases.  Now it seems like six or eight months.

BAM!  Here we are again.  Black Friday was yesterday.  Now today we have something called "Small Business Friday" whatever THAT is supposed to be.  Sounds like another made up shopping day to me.

Back in The Day, I used to get all caught up in the Christmas  shopping frenzy.  Oh yes, I did the shopping for my Mom, father, nieces, nephew (only have ONE nephew thank you), and My Bill.  Also got caught up in shopping for friends and co-workers.  Years ago I stopped that nonsense.  Not that I'm a "Bah Humbug" or anything like that (Heaven forfend), I just stopped it one year to see what happened.  Would I be disowned, disavowed, discombobulated?  None of the aforementioned happened.

Uncle Ronnie bearing Christmas gifts 1971

Now don't get me wrong, God knows I'm not cheap.  I like to shop and waste my money like any other good American but I just lost the taste for all that craziness of shopping for The Perfect Gift (which rarely happened by the way).  

So I stopped and life went on.  However, the one thing I do do which gives me a lot of pleasure and puts me in the "Christmas Mood" is to make a special Christmas Card and send it to a select group of people I've met and known over the years.  Some are relatives, but most are folks from my Past Life that I probably will never see again.  I actually don't see the relatives either.  This is my one way to spread a little of the Christmas Cheer which, to me, is the peace and goodwill that this season truly means.

So if anyone of you reading this blog would like to receive one of my special Christmas cards, please send me your Snail Mail address to my e-mail address.  I will be glad to add you to my Christmas Card Mailing List.  

BTW, I don't expect a Christmas card in return.  This is me wishing you all a very happy holiday season.

Christmas Office Party First Financial Bank - Downingtown, PA 2003


anne marie in philly said...

I think you already have my snail mail addy, yes? if not let me know.

I buy for spouse, sister, niece, nephew-in-law, cats.

spouse buys for his mom, brother, sister-in-law, me.

that's it; we cover the essentials. we don't have the money to throw around. and the world doesn't come to an end because we DON'T spend like there's no tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I only buy for my Mom, brother, sister, BIL, and neice and nephew. I finished on 11/20 since it's a goal of mine to stay out of the stores after Thanksgiving. I am not crazy for crowds and people who are not polite. I ordered everything online this year and now I am just waiting for the stuff to get here.

Cindy from Sonoma

Nadege said...

I would love to get a card from you Ron.
Nadege Schoenfeld
25 Laguna Court
Manhattan Beach, Ca 90266
(So you won't have to check out your aol address for me).
I agree with you. I always used to buy gifts for Christmas, birthdays... and one day I got tired of it, particularly after so often not being thanked for them. For the people you love and who love you, gifts really don't matter. There are so many ways to show your love.

Ron said...

Anne Marie,

Yes, I do have your address and your card is ready to mail! I wouldn't forget you dear.


Ron said...


We think alike. I too stay out of the stores and do not like crowds but I do like people (is that inconsistent)?

Whatever I need I will order online. No need to rub elbows with rude people and get dings in my car door from crowded parking lots.

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!


Ron said...


Very cool! You are now added to my Christmas list! And let me say I am very happy to do so.

I agree with you, "for the people you love and those who love you, gifts really don't matter." Besides, when I see something during the year that I know a friend or relative would like, I give it to them then. I always used to do that with my Mother and it spilled over with my friends. I'm not against Christmas and for those who want to do the Christmas shopping thing, that's fine if they want to experience Christmas that way but for me I realized a long time ago I was being forced to buying a gift when I really didn't want to. A long explanation.


Jon said...

Great photos, as always. I abandoned the agony of buying gifts many years ago.
What I love best is the festivity of the season - the colored lights & decorations & good food & warm memories.
I'll leave my address, but please don't feel compelled:
Jon Varga
1612 E. Tate St.
Brownfield, TX 79316

Ur-spo said...

Christmas are a treat; like receiving a hand made sweater; so rare to get, much appreciated.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,

You know, I've always wanted a hand made sweater (red) for Christmas. Never got one. Still on my Bucket List though. However, over the years I have received two gifs that weren't that expensive but that I love - clocks. One from my former sister-in-law and one from one of my boss's secretaries from my Previous LIfe in Philadelphia. Every Christmas I look at those clocks and get a warm glow.


Ron said...


Thank you so much! I have happily added you to my Christmas mailing list.

Yet something else we have in common, I also love the "festivity of the season - the colored lights & decorations & good food & warm memories" and......the songs. I just don't get into the forced gift giving. If I see something feel someone would like I buy it but I don't go out looking for a Gift For Christmas.