Friday, April 04, 2008

Twilight Walk

Another day spent at the computer tweaking my new website. By late afternoon I had to tear myself away from my task because my ankles were beginning to swell up from lack of circulation. I think it has a lot to do with how I have my computer housed. It is in a cupboard type contraption rather than an open desk. My long legs would be more comfortable stretching out under an open desk. I suppose I should replace my PC cupboard with a more modern desk. I hate to buy more furniture though. At this point in my life I don’t need any more furniture. Besides, this cupboard holds a lot of my “stuff”. When I’m done for the day, I can close the doors and the room looks neat. Also, working in a semi-cubicle type area gives me that comfortable womb like feel. The hours kept ticking by and too soon it was almost 6 o’clock. I closed shop and went out to the garage to get the watering bucket. The bird baths needed refreshing. Oh it felt so good to feel the late afternoon 68 degree wind caressing my face. Returning to my garage with my watering can, my neighbor Barbara met me. She wanted to know if I was going to join in with two of the other neighbors to get my septic tank cleaned. Sure. It hasn’t been cleaned since I moved here almost two years ago. Two years already? Wow. She asked me if I could ask the neighbor to the other side of me in this development if she would join us in a joint septic tank cleanout. If we got at least three neighbors we can get a discount from the Honey Dew guys. Barb wanted to see my new curtains. I brought her inside and left her with my partner. He could entertain her. I had to take care of my swollen ankles by taking a walk around my development and the development behind me. Off I went. The strong breeze followed me. Chirping birds declaring their territory accompanied my twilight walk. I always take my camera along to be ready for any opportunity for that unique picture. There were no unique photo opportunities tonight. This is flat land, two miles from the Atlantic Ocean. A marshland separates me from the vastness of the bay. I encountered one neighbor who was also taking her evening walk. I walked in the opposite direction to give her privacy. During the rest of my walk I encountered no one. The peacefulness of this area is exactly the comfort I need at this time of my life. Tomorrow I go to work at my front desk job at the inn. Four forty five comes very early.

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