Saturday, April 05, 2008

Trouble In Paradise

The shore sounds of the seaside town of Lewes, Delaware greeted me as I rode to work early this morning at my front desk job at the Inn. As the sun was rising over the Lewes Canal, the early morning cacophony of birds and the gentle sounds of canal water splashing against the pier beckoned me to stop and take in the scene. I pulled my car off the road and onto the gravel path to the pier jutting out into the canal. There, looking out over the water, I saw the beginning of a new day in the first town of the first state, Lewes, Delaware. I could only stayed for a few minutes. I took a short video and a picture to include in this blog. Of course it was nothing like actually being there but I hope I am able to convey the simple and yet priceless pleasure of luxuriating in such a scene. My day was fine at work. It was when I got home that I encountered the first sour note of the day. My partner had taken upon himself to put in heavy curtains in our sun room. In our previous house he had curtains in every room, thus blocking out the enjoyment of observing nature outside. This house is different. It has an open floor plan with many windows. The whole wall of the western side of the house is covered in windows. That includes the sun room and the great room. I have compromised and accepted curtains in the great room. However, I do not want curtains covering up the windows in the sun room. To me that defeats the whole purpose of the sun room. We have blinds in place to cover the windows during the intense days of sunlight during the late afternoon. Bill (my significant other) asked me how I liked them. He could tell by the look on my face that I didn't like them. I told him they had to come down. The curtains were too heavy. They had the effect of blocking the view of the outside from the windows. He does not understand. He wants to replicate our house in Pennsylvania which had all the windows stuffed with curtains. I told him the curtains had to come down because they were depressing me. This is not what he wanted to hear. He got angry and said he would heretofore have nothing to do with curtains…..anywhere in the house. He said “I can’t do anything around here.” Not true. Most things go his way but when something does not go his way, this is his response. Now he is in a deep funk. We have been together 43 years. We know each other’s moods. We each know how this scene will be played out. It's "Whose Afraid Of Virginia Wolff" all over again. It’s all about laying a guilt trip on me. Eventually, he will see that this time the guilt trip won’t work. The freedom to enjoy the light and see outside unobstructed is one of the main reasons I moved to the Delaware seashore. I moved from a two story Dutch Gambrel roofed colonial house in the middle of 6.875 acres of woodland in Pennsylvania to a simple everything on one floor house on an open flat lot in Delaware. The house in Pennsylvania had many rooms, with many doors, and many windows with many curtains on those windows blocking the light and views. I felt like I was sealed in a tomb with all those doors and curtains. I sacrificed a lot to move to Delaware to an acre of land with only one tree, an non-fruit bearing pear tree on the front lawn. I moved down to Delaware for the Big Sky and sun drenched days. I’m not going to seal myself up again in my house with little rabbit warren rooms and windows covered in curtains. Bill will get over his anger and disappointment. When he does, then we can discuss what, if anything, we can do with our sun room. And tomorrow the sun will come up. The light will shine through those windows again.

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