Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Slowly Recovering

All is still not well in paradise. My partner is still silent. This is a pattern he has displayed for most of the forty-three years we have cohabited together. However, I sense that he is coming out of his depression. Every now and then I catch a glimpse of him passing by. That is a positive sign that this period of silence is coming to an end. Even though I say I will get through it each time it happens, it doesn’t get any easier. This past weekend the weather warmed up enough that I could get outside and do some yard work around the house. It only takes a few warm days for the winter pansies to awaken from their chilled slumber. The splashy purple and gold colors of the violas have given Old Man Winter notice that it is time to leave. Yesterday I traveled up north on Route 1 to my HMO dental offices located in Dover, Delaware. My appointment was at 8:30 AM. I arrived in Dover at 7 AM. I missed the morning rush only to sit in the dental office parking lot listening to the robins, starling and sparrows sort things out for the day. Later, I was fitted for my partial denture. It doesn’t fit. Dr. Jolly (ironic name for a dentist), did some grinding down but the denture still didn’t fit. She said to try it for awhile. She told me there was no need for me to make an appointment if I wanted to return for another fitting. I wore it last night at work, still doesn’t fit. As much as I tried to rationalize it to myself, it just doesn’t fit. The bite isn’t right. I thought maybe a good night’s sleep would do the trick. Maybe it was a combination of me being depressed over my partner’s silence and the long day. First thing this morning I placed the denture in my mouth. Still doesn’t fit. I called the dental offices. Dr. Jolly will be in Friday. I now know what I’m doing Friday, I’m returning this denture. As Bette Davis said “Getting old ain’t for sissies!” Perhaps by Friday the silent treatment will be at an end. I do know that the flowers will still be putting on their colorful springtime show. And all will be well with the world again. Even though I will probably never get that denture to fit.

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I'm starting with my 'partials' too - hope I don't have problems like you have.

So glad your music is running so beautifully....