Thursday, April 03, 2008

Spring Is Coming!

Even though there is a chill in the air this morning, I know spring is coming. How do I know? My calendar indicated that spring officially arrived March 19th. But, as all of us who live in the northeastern part of the United States know, even though the calendar says spring is here we actually have many more days which are more like winter. At my previous home in Downingtown, Pennsylvania we didn’t put plants out until May 15th or the first Sunday after Mother’s Day. Downingtown is in a different temperate zone. Delaware is in the next warmest temperate zone. What a difference that makes. For years, prior to moving to Delaware, I used to visit my friend who lived in Sussex County, Delaware, which is the southern most located county in Delaware. In the early spring I usually left snow on the ground in Pennsylvania to be greeted by the yellow cheerful faces of newly bloomed daffodils bobbing in the brisk spring wind of Delaware. Now that I am living in lower Delaware I appreciate all the more the early arrival of spring. However, I am a bit anxious this year because the cold winds seem to be hanging around longer than usual. Sure, all the signs of spring are here. The winter snow geese have headed back north. English sparrows are busily making their nests in my birdhouses that border the open field of land behind my new house. The stunningly fresh yellow daffodils have indeed made their appearance along with winter pansies that have come out of their long hibernation. And yet, when I venture out, the cold wind caressing my neck reminds me that Father Winter hasn’t yet made his final departure. The sun may be out but the cold winds still blow. Come on spring. I can’t wait.

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