Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Kindness of Strangers

Sometimes, when you least expect it, a stranger comes into your life and offers a helping hand. In this world today, when we are so skeptical of any unsolicited offer of help, it is refreshing to discover that there are still nice people in this world. One such person is a lady that I know as “Happy In Nevada.” I only know her first name. It is Diane. A friend told me that someone had left a comment on my blog. I’ve had comments before on previous blogs. They were usually critical of either my subject matter or writing style. Never a comment that was constructive or helpful. Thus, I proceeded with trepidation to read the comment on my “Computer Frustrations” blog. I had written about my difficulty in adding music to my web site. It was a very complicated and laborious process. I did not know I had the option of adding music to my blog. Happy in Nevada gave me instructions on how to add music. The first thing I thought was, “What’s the catch?” We have become inured these days to someone doing anything nice for us without expecting payment in some form or another. Even worse, Happy in Nevada could be a very clever ruse to put a monster virus in my computer. Tentatively I began to follow her instructions for first selecting music then adding that music to my blog. After a few false starts, my blog had music! My computer didn’t get that dreaded Blue Screen of Death when I added the music. Could it be that Happy in Nevada was just a nice lady who lives in Nevada extending a helping hand to this frustrated computer geek? Yes, she was for real! Like Dr. Frankenstein said when the lightening bolt brought to life his monster “It’s alive! It’s alive!” I’m saying “I have music! I have music!” I’m so enthused now I might start a new blog. I’ll call it “Happy in Delaware.”


Anonymous said...


There are many more kind people around than one might think. It is well you found one. I would love to see "happy in Delaware". And be sure to pass any kindnesses, big or little, along to someone else who needs such a boost.

Ron said...

No need to remind me to pass on and kindnesses, big or little, to someone else who needs such a boost. I've done that my entire life. Unfortunately, some view that as a weakness but it is ingrained in my character. I am always appreciative of those rare times when kindness is returned.

Anonymous said...


Kindness to any or all is never a weakness, is it? Giving of yourself to someone else takes true strength. Those who are truly weak cannot show kindness out of fear it will dimish their own self. The cruel are always weak; weak in character, weak in soul, weak in humanity. Out of the strength of our kindness we should pray for the cruel, even when their flaw of selfishness and cruelity has been directed at us.


Well what a wonderful surprise, Ron!

I came by to tell you I'd set up a small site to help others start their blog; how to work with it, etc.

My own husband is having trouble; 2 cousins are really going buggy, and a sister is making a stab at it, and would like to stab the computer!

It's not a 'fancy blog' - it's the first one without music so far; didn't know if it would detract from the 'concentration' (but then again, one can turn their speakers down).

I just felt so frustrated today when after 5 hours of trying to upload 2 photos, it was clear it was Google with the problem.

I struggled to find 'help' - only found a forum 'filled with frustration and complaint' about the same thing. The time of day and date said 'my goodness, this is truly a mess right now....'

I did a blog for those who're trying to cut corners in this down-turn in the economy; it's pretty well finished to the extent of my ability to help - but, it does have music of course.

If you have time, do visit that blog - I don't need to direct you as to 'how to build a blog' - you've done a marvelous job all on your own!

I'm so happy you got your partials fixed; you know I face that in May/June, so I'm proceeding with caution (smile).

I'm so glad to have helped you; our talks since that very first 'comment', have been joyful; you're a special guy indeed - I guess I'm glad you couldn't get that music going; I might never have met you.

Diane - try this now: