Sunday, April 06, 2008

Cloudy Sunday

I slept late this morning. Normally I get up around 6 AM. This morning I didn’t roll out of bed until around 9 o’clock. Perhaps it was because of the comforting sounds of the wind whipping around outside my bedroom windows that caused my slumber. Maybe it was because of relief from the stress of conflict with my partner yesterday over the placement of curtains in the sun room. Or maybe it was just because I took advantage of another benefit of retirement, to get up when I felt like it. There is nothing like the pure freedom of getting up when you want to get up. That precious freedom does not have a price tag. Each day like this is a little miracle. So many years are sacrificed just to get to this point, to get up when you want. If you want to turn over and sleep another hour, go ahead. Absolutely wonderful! Another benefit of the freedom of retirement is to decide today what I want to do today. My only “obligation” is to meet friends at the Purple Parrot in Rehoboth Beach tonight for our weekly get together. Of course I don’t have to go, but we do enjoy each other’s company. It is a time of gentle teasing between friends. To have a few laughs at each other’s expense. We will have a glass of wine, some of us will order the prime rib special. We will all enjoy that special camaraderie that only old friends can bring together. Such times are indeed good for the soul. On the home front, Bill is slowly overcoming his disappointment and anger about not being able cover up the sun room windows with smothering curtains. Life will go back to normal. We have been to this movie before. From my front door I can see that is a cloudy Sunday in our community. All is well. The sun will shine again.

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