Friday, December 21, 2018

Trump Government Shutdown Looms

Today is also a countdown to another government shutdown, compliments of Donald J. Trump.

Folks, I cannot remember a time in my long life that I have been so concerned about our country. 

Trump is threatening a shutdown of government because he's not getting his "wall."  This is the wall that he said Mexico was going to pay for. As usual with a con man like Trump, a bait and switch. And of course his knuckle dragging base (yes, I said it) buys anything he says. 

Yesterday Secretary of Defense James Mattis resigned because he could no longer be a part or support Trump's chaotic foreign policy objectives. Trump ordered the pullout of two thousand of our troops in Syria. These troops are supporting our allies, the Syrian Kurds in fighting ISIS.  Mattis was widely recognized by both political parties as one of the last adults in the room in the White House. Trump has succeeded in staffing the White House with sycophants and fools.  I fear for our country. I am not exaggerating, I truly fear for our country. I am convinced that Trump is a Russian tool.  

I'm trying to think good thoughts as Christmas approaches but I'm having trouble with the clear and present danger that our country is in because of Trump's reckless actions.  

Who is going to save us?  Certainly not the Republicans in Congress who are afraid of a Trump tweet.  What a sad, sad and dangerous place our country is in now.  

Our Constitution has a remedy for a president who is incompetent and dangerous, impeachment.  But who would have thought that the Republican members of Congress would be such cowards?  

As I type this Trump is having another of his many temper tantrums in the White House. He has summoned the Senate Republicans to the White House to try and intimidate and bully them break the law and go nuclear and only require fifty Senate votes to pass his wall bill.  And why does he want the wall bill?  Because, and this is hard to believe, Anne Coulter and Rush Limbaugh want it.  Yes folks, this is where we are in our country now.  Those two bimbos are dictating presidential policy. And of course Trump is absolutely terrified that he will lose his base.  Trump needs adulation from his base the way a vampire needs blood.  

There, I got that off my chest. I was going to write a nice, warm and fuzzy Christmas post but I didn't did I? I wrote another Trump rant.  But folks, I am so concerned about where our country is now and where we're going.  

Dangerous times folks. 

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Raybeard said...

It's become a source of worry and wonder to me, Ron, how in that great country of yours one single individual can take you all right to the very edge - and possibly beyond - without, apparently, anything or anyone preventing him from having got this far. I had thought that this could only happen in totalitarian states, silly me! The answer, of course, lies in his having the continued solid support of still far too many who will NEVER concede that he can do anything wrong.
I'd want to think that, with all our own country's checks, we could never have a leader who'd reach this stage before s/he would be ejected. Your experience tells me that it'd be a mistake to get smug about it never happening here. Of course it can.
I'm watching the daily news from America with not just apprehension - it's gone further than that - it's now a real FEAR for the entire world! Happy Xmas - if you can!