Friday, December 21, 2018

Silly Season

Do you feel like we're in the silly season now? We have a president of the United States that is clearly off the rails.  Even the most die hard, knuckle dragging Trump supporter will admit that Trump lies as easily as most of us breath. They will admit that Trump is the greatest danger to our country and world, even more than the dreaded Muslim terrorist. By the way, more Americans have been murdered by American Angry White Men.  

My previous post was about the looming disaster that our country is facing with the department of Secretary of Defense James Mattis, the "last adult in the room".  The last adult in the Donald Trump Temper Tantrum Playroom that is the West Wing of the White House. 

Every day I wake up with this dread hanging over my head, that follows me all day, wondering what is going to happen next.  Nothing less than our democracy is at stake. Who would have ever believed that a branch of our government, the legislative branch who main responsibility is keeping a check on the administrative (President) branch of our government would be fail in their main responsibility because of their cowardice and avarice?

These days I try to put life into perspective and to think too much about our current state of affairs. I look at pictures like this of Princes Kate and Megan and those silly hats and think "they look like fools."  I like the British Royals but sometimes they do go a bit far with those hats.  They look like they're about to take flight.

Tonight I made my first batch of Christmas cookies. I used to make Christmas cookies every Christmas and distribute them to friends and neighbors. I feel out of that habit years ago for no discernible reason other that I'm just too lazy for the effort.  Tonight I made chocolate chip mint cookies. Now I remember why I don't make them.  I ate too many.  I'm not going to tell you how many I ate but let's put it this way, I have fulfilled my calorie intake for the next week.  But while I was making my cookies I took my mind off of our current deplorable state of affairs in our country, even as I was watching the feckless U. S. Senate trying to find a solution to avoid closing down our government a week before Christmas.  Trump is shutting down the government because he can't get his money for his Wall. I don't understand why Trump is having trouble getting money for his wall because he always claimed that Mexico would pay for the wall.  Oh wait, that was a bait and switch from the Master Con Man.

Here I go again folks, venting. 

I have nothing planned for the weekend other than a quiet weekend. The good news is I think we got the leak fixed in our basement. Thank goodness.  We'll wait until spring until we install a new wall to wall carpet in our media room. Then I'll buy a new 75" TV and a couple of easy chairs and transform that room into a fantastic man cave.  

Going to bed now folks, with a stomach full of chocolate chip mint cookies!

Fresh chocolate chip cookies tonight - dangerous!


Travel said...

Relax and enjoy the weekend, Ho-Ho-Ho!

mxtodis123 said...

What I find hard to believe and quite disgusting is that his base has set up a Go Fund Me page for his wall and are actually donating their hard earned money for his stupid wall. Wonder how different the world would have been had a wall been built to keep their ancestors away. And what's going to happen to all their money? They deserve to lose every penny they put in. Too much hate in this world at Christmas and it breaks my heart. Your cookies made my morning.

Ur-spo said...

I came by to have a look-see if you are 'venting' and yes you are.
You are going to blow a gusset.

Geo. said...

The cookies look delicious, Ron. And yes, I share your your concerns with our current government by tantrum. God help us everyone!

Anonymous said...

As a child I was taught that if you can't say anything nice about people just keep quiet. I'm about your age and that is still my belief. NO respect! I sure hope people don't talk about you the way you do unto others.

Ron said...

mxtodis - Hard to believe isn't it, that there are so many people willing to throw there money away to a FoFundMe campaign to build Trump's stupid wall. They walk among us which is very scary. I know reasonable people who buy into Trump's lies.
David (Travel) - I'll try! You have a wonderful Christmas too!
Dr. Spo - I have to vent or else I'll explode. Believe it or not, I do try to control my eruptions and am mostly successful. But last week was particularly stressful. Just had to vent.
Geo." - Those cookies are delicious! Fist time I ever made that recipe. Very dangerous because they are too good! Won't be making them for awhile.