Sunday, December 09, 2018

A Mouse in the House

Last week was the first time I noticed.  The telltale little black dropping. "Oh no" I thought.  That can't be a mouse dropping. 

I quickly put it out of my mind. Rationalization is a great thing isn't it, until it isn't.

Then last night as I was preparing dinner for myself, I saw the signs again.  Now I was sure.  Yep, a mouse was in the house. Must have gotten in through the garage and rushed up the two steps to the kitchen when we were bringing in groceries. Or else Bill left the door open while he was on one of his projects.

This is the first time we've had a mouse in the house. They're field mice, coming in from the cold. When we lived in the woods in Pennsylvania we had that problem. We would live catch them and take them way out in the woods only to have them beat us back to the house. Those little feet can travel fast. I actually caught one running up the cellar steps to our kitchen. They could easily get under the front door because the space was big enough.  Here, there is no space, the mouse (and I am assuming it is only ONE mouse) slipped in when either one of us was going in from the garage which adjoins the kitchen.

In past years these field mice have gotten into our garden shed, only to leave us with many, many droppings and the stale smell of mouse piss.  

Of course I cleaned out our pantry and sealed up any food that was open, as Bill has a tendency to do.  He likes cheese twists and leaves the bag open for easy access. I had to throw out the peppermint patties and candy kisses. The mouse already nibbled on those.  

I don't know where the mouse is now.  I assumed it would come rushing out one of our pantries (we have two) while I was cleaning them out.  The only place I haven't cleaned out was the soup cans on the bottom floor. I'll do that tomorrow morning in daylight when I can see better.  

How are we going to take care of our uninvited guest?  Mousetraps.  Yep, the old fashion kind.  No Have-a-Heart traps here because the mouse will just come back in after we release him/her. I have to be cruel like this but I don't want any stinking mouse in our house. 

We brought eight mousetraps this morning at Lowe's.  Bill put some cheese on them (expensive cheese by the way) and we set the traps along the usual routes. I expect to see results when I get up tomorrow morning. I'm not looking forward to seeing a squished mouse with eyes bulging out but what has to be done, has to be done. I just hope the poor creature isn't still alive when I find it.  


wcs said...

We get them from time to time as well. But it's the cat that brings them in. Sometimes Bert's catches aren't quite dead, and they get away from him and escape under the furniture or appliances. Then it's mousetrap time. I've used both kinds. The catch and release are fine because the cat will eventually get the little bugger. And eat him.

Jon said...

I hope you catch your rodent house guest soon. I never had a mouse problem until I moved to a rural area. Mice can be EXTREMELY destructive and very evasive. I have found them nesting in one of my desks. I had to thoroughly clean all the drawers and throw almost everything out. My cats have killed numerous mice, but often the mice are so fast that even cats can't catch them.

Travel said...

Mice have other ways of getting in, you'd be surprised how small of an opening next to a cable or pipe they can squeeze in through. Traps are the best option. Growing up on the farm, mice were an almost yearly issue. My mother hated mice almost as much as she hated misbehaving children.

Unknown said...

Peanut butter works best.

Ubisofty said...

Bread works better than cheese

Ron said...

Hi folks! For some reason I've been unable to respond to your comments. I made some changes in my settings which make no logical sense at all but at least I can respond to your comments, which I always appreciate you all going to the trouble to make,
I still have the mouse in the house. I caught him red handed last night in my pantry. He quickly scooted behind our refrigerator, those warm coils. I have four mouse traps set out and a Have-a-heart trap set along his path from our refrigerator to the panty. Hopefully tonight I put an end to his reign of mouse droppings in our house. Makes me feel so unclean. I don't want to share our home with a mouse!