Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Planting Daffodils

I love daffodils.  They are the first harbinger of spring.  Their cheerful, bright yellow color cuts through the drab later winter monotones.

I have a problem planting them though.  All the experts say to plant them in the fall.  Only problem there is that I'm "gardened out" and just don't feel like fussing around in the landscape around here at that time of the season.  Plus, I don't know where my other bulbs are planted because everything is covered with growth.  Nothing more disconcerting than to dig down in the ground and here the crunch of slicing through a previously planted bulb.  So, I plant in the spring.

Our daffodils at Whispering Pines, Pennsylvania 1998

Yesterday I stopped at Pepper's Greenhouse and bought a dozen more potted daffodils ($7.95 each folks!)  Hey, it's worth it to me.  What would I pay for the bulbs alone?  Probably around $4.95.  Can't take it with me, that's what I say when I spend money that some would consider foolish.
"Whispering Pines" our home of 25 years in Pennsylvania

My goal is to surround our whole back yard with thousands of daffodils. I remember how disappointed I was our first Spring here at Casa Tipton-Kelly in 2007.  First sign of spring and nary a bulb of color popped out of the ground.  How unlike our former property in Pennsylvania which had hundreds if not thousands of bulbs planted over the twenty-five years we lived at Whispering Pines (the name of our 6.875 property in Chester County, PA)

More of our daffodils at Whispering Pines, PA - they belong to someone else now

So, I got the daffodils planted this morning in spite of the nippy wind whipping around my neck.  Mission accomplished.


anne marie in philly said...

we have the green leaves but no flowers yet on our daffys and hyacinths. this cold weather has them confused.

Bob said...

Ours are coming up all over the backyard right now. So pretty!

Jon said...

"Whispering Pines" looks so charming, peaceful, and intriguing! I've always loved flowers and gardens. After moving to West Texas, however, I had to abandon any hope of growing things. The hard, dry, lifeless soil would make the Dead Sea look like a paradise. I spent hundreds of dollars on plants and shrubs that are supposedly indigenous to this area - - and they all died from the dryness and intense heat. So I gave up.

By the way - I have the exact same blinds on my windows that you have in your "header" photo. I put all of them up myself (twenty windows) and almost had a nervous breakdown.

David Jeffreys said...

There are mass planting of different kinds of daffodils in the back lawn on the farm. They were planted many years ago; they were there in my childhood and have multiplied over the years.


Anonymous said...

Very, very pretty. I can't grow anything!

Peace <3

Ron said...

Anne Marie,

That's why I love living in Delaware, we get a head start on the spring flowers.


Ron said...


I live this time of year. I would hate to live in a part of the country wherer there were no spring flowers.


Ron said...


One of my talents, I do have a green thumb, just like my father did. Neither of my brothers do but they can build things and I can't. My father could build to, he was a carpenter and a welder.

Mark in DE said...

I agree - when I see daffodils I immediately think of spring. They have such a cheery appearance. Good for you that you added some to your yard today!

Karen said...

Daffodils are beautiful!! Tomorrow I am going to visit a friend in Chester Springs. Along the way I imagine I am seeing your Whispering Pines. I will look for thousands of daffodils!

Raybeard said...

Daffs are gloriously 'happy' flowers. If they had voices they'd be singing the whole day long.

Ron said...


Spring hasn't sprung unless we see those cheerful daffodil faces.


Ron said...


Oh how it saddens my heart to think of my "orphan" daffodils at Whispering Pines with their new adoptive parents.


Ron said...


So true, so true.


Ron said...


"Whispering PInes" was our oasis. It's a shame that Pennsylvania taxes drove us out. Bill still mourns.

Your blinds....good taste!


Ron said...


I often see now empty homesites, the buildings long one but every spring, the daffodils make their annual, cheerful appearance. Always sad to see those "orphan" daffodils that live on in spite of the home now gone.


Ur-spo said...

daffodils are my favorite; when I lived in the midwest I used to plant some every fall, more and more
I wonder whatever happened to them.
I've often said I hope to die in the spring time, so there are daffodils for the funeral.